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Juice: Recipes for Juicing, Cleansing & Living Well

"Cool" Summer Drinks.

I’m a convert.  To juicing, that is.  I like to eat fruits and vegetables and was interested in finding a (pleasant) way to eat more of them.  I thought juicing would be fun to try, especially for the summer.   And the results are – two thumbs up!  The key is to use the vegetables, with fruit to add a little sweetness, depending on your palate.   I have to admit, when I saw my entire family sitting around the table and drinking green juice with their lunch, my maternal heart swelled with pride.  A Tonic family, indeed. 

I have not substituted juice for my meals.  I like food too much for that.  And I think it’s important to eat whole foods, with substance and fibre.  But I am using the juice as a tasty, nutritious and refreshing way to add raw fruits and vegetables to my family’s diet. 

A super sleek new juicer and the Juice cookbook were just the ticket.  The Juice authors are the founders of Pressed Juicery, a Los-Angeles based chain of juice shops.  There are over 100 juice recipes in this little book.  I loved the way it was organized – there was lots of information about juicers and juicing, and then the recipes were organized by category, for example, green juice, juices made with roots (beets and carrot), citrus, sweet (fruit juices), nut milks, smoothies and elixirs.   There is also a chapter on cleansing.  

I wanted to focus on the vegetable juices – trying to keep it nutritious and not add extra sugar to our meals, even natural sugar.  You will be amazed at the quantity of produce that goes into 4 cups of juice.  You simply would not be able to eat that many vegetables at one time, particularly raw vegetables.  We tried some of the recipes as is, and we used some as a jumping off point when we didn’t have all of the ingredients at hand.  The recipes are flexible.  Both worked well. 

Would you think that juice made of cucumber, celery, pear, apple, honeydew, kale, ginger and lemon would be delicious?  How about fennel-cucumber-kale-spinach- pears-lime-mint-basil?  Apple-carrot-celery-lime-mint?  But it was good, I promise you.  It probably helped that the kids were involved in the juicing process, which was fun, and made them willing to drink the results.  We also made watermelon, mint and lime juice which was super refreshing.  And we tried the elixir of fresh lemon slices, cinnamon stick and cayenne infused water – also a keeper.  One note though – juicing is a somewhat costly proposition.  As we all know, fresh produce can be expensive and you will need a significant amount.

Is the Juice cookbook recommended?  Absolutely, for any wannabe juicer, or those already committed.  A fun and easy way to drink your vitamins.