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Experience The Joy

What would you wish for if you had a genie to fulfill your wishes? A villa in the Caribbean, a Lamborghini, a luxury vacation around the world? Finding the partner of your dreams, with whom you can live happily ever after?

Happily ever after! Isn’t happiness the goal of all our life's endeavours, the reason for titles and more money? Are we not actually pursuing happiness by acquiring things, by working hard, through our leisure activities, our relationships, etc.?

How do we define happiness without getting into the trap of equating it with the ways and means? Try to recall how you felt in the moment of reunion with a loved one, or when you held your baby for the first time. Even the simple recurring satisfaction of a good meal. In these moments of fulfilment we were in a state of balance, serenity and harmony; we sensed we were where we ought to be, in the blissful present moment, belonging to something grander than ourselves, connected, complete, part of a whole, at home, safe and supported. This feeling of being connected is the key to real happiness.

Let us pursue that which brings us directly to the threshold of our heart; not the pumping station in our chest, but the field of our feelings, the core of our being where, in those precious moments with a calm mind, we can settle in and enjoy the feeling of connectedness to the whole of creation, feel at home wherever we happen to be. Isn’t it amazing that the thing we have been seeking is within our own heart?

Now the question arises, how to access this very familiar, intimate, yet seemingly unknown part of ourselves, which seems to evade our reach? Logic and experience tell us we don't need a crane to pick up a needle!

Heartfulness is a simple way to access the simplicity of the heart, to get in touch with the infinite resource of joy within. Heartfulness initiates a process of re-acquainting ourselves with that joy and light that is our essence. It's already there in our hearts, we just lost our connection with it. All we have to do is to dive within, tune into our heart, feel the connection and maintain it, day after day. Meditation, apparently insignificant and passive, is such a potent process. Through remembering and reconnecting with the source of light in the heart – which we do in Heartfulness meditation – daily life assumes a balance and harmony that is the happiness we have really been seeking.

We may have started by thinking of gold, but a true alchemist knows that the real search is for the philosopher's stone! Heartfulness is a process of finding true joy. Through it we turn every ordinary moment into a joyful, golden experience, when we bask in that lovely corner of the world, our own heart!

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