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Buzzworthy Beauty Brands

Five Fantastic Product Lines That Are Totally Worth Your Time

I am obsessed with skincare.  There isn’t a product that I’ve come across that I haven’t been excited to slather onto my skin.  And admittedly, I’m a bit spoiled – in fact, I’m pretty much the root of envy for many of my girlfriends.  In my job, I have the luxury of trying products from exciting beauty brands.  Big or small, these companies are all making their unique contributions to the ever-growing beauty game.  From cleansers, to moisturizers, to serums, my skin has been lucky enough to try them all.  By doing this, I’ve come to recognize what my skin loves and what it loathes (there was that unfortunate reaction to a face scrub that left rather large unsightly patches of red bumps on both my cheeks  - the perils of being a beauty columnist, I suppose).  

Yes, my skin has certainly been through the ringer – but  through the sea of trial and error, a handful of brands have truly stood out.  As the resident beauty guinea pig of Tonic, I thought it appropriate for me to shed light on the best brands I’ve come across while at my post thus far.


The tagline for this brand is “Clinical Luxury” and after being introduced to a number of products from their collection, it’s easy to see why.  Their products blend plenty of bioactive ingredients in order to help restore the youthful beauty of your skin.  They do not use any mineral oils, chemicals, parabens or sulfates.  I’ve been regularly using one of their newest products, their Face Foam, which blends bamboo (rich in silica to bring silky smooth skin), apple cider vinegar (which has anti-microbial qualities) and white willow bark (a natural source of BHA, which helps resurface skin).  This face wash gave my skin that almost squeaky- clean feeling that was particularly nice in the sweaty summer months!

John Masters Organics

This line specializes in organic luxury beauty products.  All their ingredients are certified organic and they never use harsh chemicals, instead choosing to focus on super natural botanicals that are proven to be beneficial to your skin and hair.  I came across their Firming Eye Gel on a recent trip to my favourite natural beauty store in Toronto.  Craving a special dose of hydration for my eyes (shout out to those late nights), this gel is super lightweight and includes extracts of rice and rye to help firm and reduce puffiness and wrinkles (yes, I’m getting those now).  An added shot of spirulina nourishes the skin with essential fatty acids and vitamins.

Sans [ceuticals]

Maybe this is sparked by my loyalty to my birth country, but this New Zealand- made collection of skincare products is tops!  When it comes to their products, their name says it all – it’s free of any harmful chemicals.  They strive to use only the purest of ingredients for their collection.  Their mission is simple: to renew the texture, health and appearance of your skin and hair – and they use potent vitamins to achieve this.  Their Goji Cleansing Oil has recently made its way into my shower caddy.  It turns into a milky substance that leaves your skin fresh and smooth.  It’s formulated to retain your skin’s pH balance and the added goji berry provides that much needed antioxidant boost.

Dr. Roebucks

This brand was originally created to help treat eczema, but has since broadened its range to provide everyday skincare products that help treat very dry skin.  They are free of colours, scents and unnatural chemicals.  Their “Polish” is a 2-in-1 facial scrub and mask.  It gently exfoliates dead skin cells to reveal beautifully radiant and revitalized skin and the formula also deep cleans and purifies.  Another product, simply called “PURE”, is a day and night cream that is suited even for the most sensitive and reactive skin.  It replenishes your skin’s hydration levels and keeps it looking supple!


This brand is sort of my dream brand at the moment. They focus on using only “active” ingredients, which means there are no fillers and every ingredient serves a purpose. This means their products are pure and highly effective. They use ingredients such as French pink clay, Brazilian gemstones and concentrated botanicals so that our bodies will absorb only the best. I own several of their products and they have quickly become some of my favourites. One particular indulgence was the Orchid Facial Oil. Years ago, the thought of putting oil anywhere near my face made me nervous of breaking out, but this product has changed my skin for the better. It provides a healthy bright glow, and helps replenish hydration. It blends orchid extract, Jasmine Sambac and Japanese Camellia Flower oil to improve elasticity.


For more information on these brands and where to pick them up in the city, send me an email at