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Tonic Presents Fit For Fall

The Newest OmT.O. Event

Were you one of the 3000 people who attended OmT.O.? If you were, you know that it was a fantastic yogic celebration of the Summer Solstice - a full day of free outdoor yoga classes at the gorgeous and historic Distillery District. If you did miss it, don’t worry. There’s another exciting Om T.O. event coming your way on Sunday September 27th - OmT.O. Fit For Fall!

People think of September as the start of the year. Back to work. Back to school. Fit For Fall will energize everyone for all the things they want to accomplish in the coming year. Guests can attend throughout the day to take any or all of the specially themed classes taught by the most popular and dynamic instructors from the top studios in the city. There’s something for everyone: stretching, interval training, Pilates, yoga and meditation classes. (for more details on the Fit For Fall classes see the inset or visit the website at omto.ca)

Tracey Soghrati, of Soghrati Yoga is excited to teach at Fit For Fall. She says; “I love the fact that Fit for Fall is offering such an incredible variety of fitness, yoga and meditation classes to the Toronto community.  There is truly something for every kind of person, and we'll each have the opportunity to take classes with teachers who are dynamic, inspiring and passionate about what they do.  This always makes me feel more alive and excited to bring healthier lifestyle changes into my own life.”

Almost all the classes are 40 minutes in length, and are designed to engage people of all ages, levels of fitness and experience. All you need to do is bring your mat, a signed waiver (which can be downloaded online) and your good intentions. If you’ve never taken an interval training style boot camp, yoga or pilates class, this is your opportunity to try it out for free.

Or maybe you’re up for a challenge. In years past there’s been a core group of crazies (and I mean that affectionately) who’ve taken all eight OmT.O. classes. Well, if you’re willing to take all the classes at Fit For Fall, Tonic and Fit For Fall sponsor Degree Antiperspirant are going to make it worth your while. 20 lucky guests who stay the whole day and take all the Fit For Fall classes not only get the satisfaction of meeting the challenge, they get a special shirt and a gift bag full of goodies provided by Degree Antiperspirant. A special reserved section will be set aside near the main stage, with 20 mats graciously provided by lululemon. The first 20 people to send an email to me at Jamie@tonictoronto.com, attaching a scan of the signed waiver and including the following Re: Line “I want to take the Degree Fit For Fall Challenge!” are eligible. And if you do make it through all the classes, you also get to keep your mat!

Lululemon, together with studio partner 889 Yoga, are also supporting the Fit For Fall Meditation Station.  In addition to the mindfulness meditation class that will close out the mainstage program there will be a specially designated area near the main gate at the Distillery where you can practice mindfulness meditation throughout the day. Transition from the classes to meditation, or start with meditation to set your intention for the classes to gain the full Fit For Fall experience.

If you dig the Pilates class, make sure to stop by the Stott Pilates booth to connect one-on-one with some of their incredible instructors, demo the latest in Pilates and mind-body props, and enjoy incredible deals on their class packages and retail products. As Toronto’s premier Pilates and mind-body exercise provider, the Stott Pilates Studio is excited to share their love of mindful movement and how they help people of all ages, life stages and fitness levels lead healthier lives. For over 25 years, our customers have seen the benefits and they look forward to welcoming more members of the Toronto community into theirs.

While at the event, visit our sponsors’ booths to sample delicious and healthy supplements, foods and drink. The Vega booth will be keeping attendees hydrated and fuelled throughout the day with clean, plant-based nutrition. They’ll be blending up an exclusive Fit For Fall smoothie on their blender bike, answering your nutrition questions, and hanging out with everyone under their tent. The Vega Team is excited to be at Fit for Fall because they’re  passionate about moving their bodies, getting outside in the fresh air, and of course ensuring that proper nutrition is a part of everyone's day.

“Fit For Fall helps align directly with SoLo Bar’s mission to help lead society to a healthier place. SoLo Bar is excited to introduce attendees to nutritional balance through healthy snacking,” said Natasha DeSouza, Sales and Marketing Coordinator for SoLo GI. “Fit For Fall allows us to educate people one-on-one on the benefits of living a low GI lifestyle and the importance of blood sugar management in sustaining and balancing energy levels - both physically and emotionally.”

Fit For Fall guests can expect to experience the great taste of SoLo GI first hand and sample all eight flavours. “We welcome questions about the benefits of living a low GI lifestyle and the importance of blood sugar management for overall wellbeing and health promotion,” DeSouza adds. “Mental, physical and emotional balance is incredibly important for living a healthy, active lifestyle, and SoLo Bar delivers as a great-tasting, ‘better for you’ snack alternative on-the-go.”

Flow was very well received at OmT.O. in the summer - everyone was very happy to stayhydrated and energized by a local, healthy spring water that is naturally alkaline with a high pH. Conscious consumers truly want to make a healthier choice for themselves and the environment. Flow is a uniquely socially responsible water company dedicated to providing the highest quality water, while reducing their environmental footprint. Guests loved hearing about their sustainable packaging. The Flow brand will resonate with those attending Fit for Fall as well.

For Flow, participating at Fit for Fall means connecting with like-minded individuals who are looking to do better for themselves and the world around them. Flow reflects the values of conscious consumers who want to celebrate what it means to be mindful, living in a state of energized focus and social awareness. Coming together at Fit for Fall is a wonderful opportunity to connect with these principles.

"Since this is Pure-lē Natural's third time participating in an OmT.O event, we thought we would come in with all cylinders revving.” says Joel Thuna. Fit For Fall guests can expect to experience two great products that boost your energy in a natural way, Pure-lē Natural's Liquid Greens (mint and chocolate) and Pure-lē Natural's Sublingual Active Vitamin B12. Use these two products to revitalize your body, mentally and physically, so you can go on to the next class.

Says Thuna; “The word excitement doesn't cover how overjoyed we are to finally introduce Canada to KOOA, the only organic fermented brand! Come try this new product line and experience it for yourself! Great tasting and better for you!” Pure-lē Natural and KOOA always look forward to meeting new and experienced customers of their products. Come for the great tasting products, stay for the great information on current and new ventures we have in store. Take a #healthie with Pure-lē Natural employees and their products to show your support of a ‘healthie’ lifestyle.

Also promoting a healthy lifestyle is new sponsor The Stubborn Farmer. Access to some of the most delicious and well-raised food out there, The Stubborn Farmer will be offering memberships for weekly deliveries of over 30 different vegetables and fruits, as well as beef, pork, lamb, and chicken– all of which is stubbornly made in the best way possible, without pesticides, antibiotics or hormones – and it’s all grown and raised on their farm and delivered directly to your door.

The Stubborn Farmer is excited to share their philosophy of well raised food with like-minded people who care about their health, their bodies and what they put into them. We’re excited to discuss food and food systems, how people feed their families and what they expect from what they eat.  Owner Dave Glass says; “We’re always happy to talk about how we’re farming differently and providing food, the way it was meant to be. Participating in Fit for Fall is a wonderful opportunity to connect with people from throughout the city (and beyond) who focus on living well. We’re delighted to be given the opportunity to share our experiences and learn from others.”

In addition to our fantastic sponsors there’ll be businesses and brands sampling and selling their products, such as Made Good and Larabar, Sunflower activewear, and health and wellness companies, Manitoba Harvest and Winning Combination. Come and participate, or just come to watch. OmT.O. Fit For Fall will be an amazing day.

For more information about OmT.O. Fit For Fall please visit www.omto.ca


Jamie Bussin is the Publisher of Tonic Magazine, which is presenting OmT.O. Fit For Fall on Sunday September 27.