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1. Namaste
Are you trying to conceive. Local yogi, Tracey Soghrati will tell you how your yoga practice might help the process. Read here to find out the details.
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2. Getting into the NOW
Have you wondered why suddenly everyone is into mindfulness. Local Yogi Tracey Soghrati has some answers. Read here to find out more.
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3. Preventing Yoga Injuries
Local Yogi Tracey Soghrati knows that you can hurt yourself on the mat. Read here for her tips on how to avoid yoga injuries
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4. Ganga Yoga
How does Marijuana fit in with your yoga practice? Local Yogi, Tracey Soghrati, explains how the two may go hand in hand. Read here.
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5. Becoming Whole with Yin-Yang Yoga
Tracey Soghrati's yoga practice helps her integrate her breath, body and mind. Learn about the edgy intensity that can be found on the mat holding poses long enough to melt away restrictions.
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6. Pssst. Don't Overdo It
Local yogi, Tracey Soghrati, wants you to practice yoga for a long time. She has four valuable tips to for you to consider to become a dedicated and happy yogi yourself.
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7. Managing the Overwhelm
Yin Yogi, and Tonic Magazine Cover Model, Tracey Soghrati discusses three yoga techniques that improve vagal tone - which in turn impacts heart rate, blood pressure and digestion.
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8. Soghrati Yoga article 65 %
9. SOGHRATI YOGA: article 64 %
10. Soghrati Yoga: OmT.O. 2016 article 64 %
11. Get your Sexy Back
If you really need another reason to try yoga consider this; it might just help your sex life. Want to know how? Read here.
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12. Tonic Presents OmT.O. 2018!
We're back! With Toronto's best outdoor yoga festival OmT.O! Read all about it here!
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13. Tonic Presents Fit For Fall
If you liked OmT.O., Tonic's full day of free yoga, you'll love Fit For Fall - a free day of outdoor fitness, yoga, pilates and meditation classes at the Distillery District on Sunday September 27th. Read all about the day, because you don't want to miss it!
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14. Tonic Presents OmT.O.
Help celebrate the Summer Solstice with a full day of free outdoor yoga at the Historic Distillery District. On Saturday, June 21, 2014 eight of the top yogis, from the top studios in Toronto, will lead classes at this beautiful venue.
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15. OmT.O. 2015
The Third OmT.O. event is going to be the best yet. A full day of free outdoor yoga at the Distillery District on June 21st. Find out why you should be there!
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16. We’re Not Live...for Good Reason
There's a very good reason that Tonic Publisher Jamie Bussin's new talk show THE TONIC is recorded in advance and not broadcast live. Read here to find out why.
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17. Om T.O 2015
Om T.O. is back! The city's best free outdoor yoga festival. Join us Sunday, June 21st at the Distillery District.
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18. ****ful Driving article 7 %
19. A 50+ Moment
Tonic Publisher Jamie Bussin has lots of thoughts about aging. But sometimes his mouth gets ahead of his brain. Find out what he's said this time. Read here.
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20. Tonic Magazine's OmT.O. Festival
On Saturday, June 21 Tonic Magazine will be hosting a full day of free outdoor yoga at the Distillery District. Find out about the studios, vendors and sponsors that will be there making this an event to remember.
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