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1. The Fine Balance of Supplementing with Calcium and Iron
Getting enough of both iron and calcium becomes a nutritional balancing act. Find out which supplements are best for you.
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2. The Joys of Gardening
Maintaining your garden is good outdoor exercise. It can be an opportunity to connect with nature and perhaps your neighbours...or not.
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3. ****ful Driving article 10 %
4. The Warranty Has Expired
At his age Tonic Publisher, Jamie Bussin, must undertake an ever increasing list of regular maintenance duties to maintain his health. That doesn't mean he has to like it.
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5. Grace
Tonic Publisher, Jamie Bussin, sometimes struggles to keep his cool when things don't go right. But he's trying to be mindful. Read here to see how its going.
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6. March Break Madness
Tonic Publisher, Jamie Bussin, thought he was being "edgy" by doing walking food tours of the boroughs when visiting New York City during March Break. That illusion was shattered pretty quickly.
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7. Going To The Dogs
Tonic Publisher, Jamie Bussin and some of his fellow dog owners in his neighbourhood might be outlaws. Read here to find out about his crimes.
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8. Like, Agree, Repeat
Tonic Publisher, Jamie Bussin, wonders whether Facebook is really a venue for discourse. Or is it more a tool for people to define themselves. ...not unlike a Publisher's Note.
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9. Are You Listening
Tonic Publisher, Jamie Bussin, thinks we do a lot of talking, but perhaps not enough listening. Read here to find out what he means.
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10. Tonic Presents Fit For Fall
If you liked OmT.O., Tonic's full day of free yoga, you'll love Fit For Fall - a free day of outdoor fitness, yoga, pilates and meditation classes at the Distillery District on Sunday September 27th. Read all about the day, because you don't want to miss it!
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11. A 50+ Moment
Tonic Publisher Jamie Bussin has lots of thoughts about aging. But sometimes his mouth gets ahead of his brain. Find out what he's said this time. Read here.
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12. Loving Thyself
Tonic Publisher Jamie Bussin has issue with "self love" as a health and wellness concept. Read here to find out why.
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13. I Was Not High When I Wrote This
Tonic Publisher, Jamie Bussin, knows that many of you are toying with the idea of trying recreational cannabis. He has some interesting insights as a health and wellness publisher that you might want to read first.
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14. Intermittent, But Forever
Tonic Publisher Jamie Bussin is trying to lose a few pounds (isn't he always). Read here to review his take on popular diets and what method he'll use to lose weight.
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15. Fathers and Sons
Tonic Publisher, Jamie Bussin, doesn't mind if his teenage son can beat him in a game of one on one basketball. But he draws the line at height - he still wants them to look up to him...literally.
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16. Cold Turkey
People don’t really change their character over time. They either learn to accept themselves, warts and all, or they learn how to cope.
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17. I'm A "Hero"...Kind Of
Tonic Publisher, Jamie Bussin, came very close to getting into a fist fight when confronting a bully. But were his actions heroic?
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18. My School Reunion
Tonic Publisher, Jamie Bussin, looks back at where he is and where he thought he'd be after graduating law school - and how he embraced unexpected change.
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19. Old Friends
Tonic Publisher recently reached out to some old friends. Dinners ensued. Read here to find out why Jamie's so grateful.
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20. My Little Empire
This month Tonic Publisher, Jamie Bussin expands his media "empire" by hosting a talk show on local radio and podcast. He's been told that he's a natural for radio...and not just by his mother.
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