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1. Public Lecture: Do You Believe In Destiny?
Welcome to a multicultural take on the matter, to a journey through time and traditions
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2. Chocosol Traders
Lora Maghanoy gives you the straight scoop on an excellent local, organic producer delivering to the GTA.
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3. My Resolution Resolution
Tonic Publisher Jamie Bussin's resolution this year is to stop making resolutions that he has no intention of keeping. Sure the bar is low, but at least this year he'll succeed.
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4. On The Plate: Ji Restaurant
We've been here before - literally. The space that formerly housed Concession Road now contains Ji Restaurant. Ji is a playful take on the traditional Indian fare served at sister restaurant Pukka, so beloved in the St.Clair West neighbourhood.
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5. Public Lecture: Trees of Creation
Welcome to this study of how ancient people described creation in the form of an
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6. Public Lecture: The Wheel of Life
Welcome to hear ancient traditions speak about the wheel of life, afterlife and the possibility
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7. The Violet Bakery Cookbook
Naomi Bussin reviews a modern cookbook from the former pastry chef at Chez Panisse. After trying several of the recipes, she's certain you'll want this book for your library.
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8. SHAKE YOUR SOUL:the Yoga of Dance
Discover your Soul in motion as you release tension and express JOY thru Movement. Learn
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9. FREE Shake Your Soul Class!
In-JOY a FREE CLASS at the Mindful Bodyworks OPEN HOUSE on NOVEMBER 26 @ 7
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10. Isis Naturopathic Clinic Open House
Come and experience everything healthy and Natural. Stay for the lecture on Insomnia Relief by
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11. An Andalusian Breakfast
Tonic Publisher, Jamie Bussin, tries to be healthy on his family trip to Spain. Read here to find out how he did.
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12. Lost River Walks
Join the Toronto Green Community & Field Naturalists as they take you on a series
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13. Anti-Social Media
Tonic Publisher, Jamie Bussin, isn't sure that every social media platform is right for him. Find out why he thinks that Facebook is the Devil.
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14. Feeling down and moody?
Tonic Health Expert Michelle Pobega knows that this time of year people don't just suffer from cold and flu but also from emotional stress. But she has some suggestions for supplements that might help your down mood. Read here.
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