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1. Prepare Your Body For Winter
Winter is coming! Claude Gallant and Joel Thuna tell you want you can do to prepare your body for the coming cold weather.
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2. Medicinal Mushrooms
Fungi are key components of herbalism. Joel Thuna and Claude Gallant explore four mushrooms and the role they can play in your natural health.
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3. Treating Back Pain
80% of us will have back pain at some point in our lives. Joel Thuna and Claude Gallant have some great ideas on keeping up back strength and flexibility through supplements and more walking.
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4. The All-Natural First Aid Kit
As the weather gets better, we'll all be out and about. Joel Thuna and Claude Gallant have assembled a natural first aid kit for you to take on the go.
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5. Healthy Hearing
Our modern urban lifestyle can be hard on our hearing. Joel Thuna and Claude Gallant have great ideas on how to protect your ears and treat Tinnitus.
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6. Vegetarians vs. Omnivores
Many of us enjoy a good steak every now and then. Health experts, Joel Thuna and Claude Gallant, question whether the consumption of meat is really in our best interest. The answer may surprise you.
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7. The Regulation of Natural Health Products
Are you concerned about the quality and potency of the natural supplements? Joel Thuna and Claude Gallant explain how the Canada regulates the industry and what you should be looking for on the labels of the herbs and vitamins you're buying.
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8. The Scoop on Poop
We don't like talking about it, but bowel health is important to overall health. Health Experts Joel Thuna and Claude Gallant have five tips to keep you regular.
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9. Super Grains
You've decided to try a new grain, but you don't know which one to pick. Joel Thuna and Claude Gallant give you the straight poop on eight healthy alternatives to wheat.
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10. Perilla:
You already know that Omega-3's are good for you. Joel Thuna and Claude Gallant will tell you about a great source of naturally ocurring, plant based source you may not know about, but should: Perilla seeds.
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11. Horny Goat Weed
What if there was a natural herb that could boost your energy and stimulate sexual activity? Joel Thuna and Claude Gallant tell you all you need to know about Horny Goat Weed - which could very easily be "nature's Viagra".
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12. Natural Prostate Health
Benign prostatic hypertrophy affects virtually all men over the age of 50. Joel Thuna and Claude Gallant have some natural strategies to help those men having from problems urinating due to an enlarged prostate.
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13. Pay Attention!
How do you make sure that your kids are getting the most out of their classes? Joel Thuna and Claude Gallant have some amazing ideas to help boost your child's ability to concentrate, naturally.
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14. Cold and Flu?
This season 25% of us will have the flu, and even more will catch a cold. Joel Thuna and Claude Gallant have some simple ideas on what you can do to avoid getting sick this winter. And if you do get sick, they have some natural remedies to help see you through your illness.
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15. Is Your Gut Responsible for Your Health Challenges
In reading this month's issue of Tonic, you know that your gut health is important to your overall health. Now Claude Gallant and Joel Thuna will tell you what you can do about it.
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16. Is There a Miracle Weight Loss Supplement?
You've seen the fabulous claims. And you really hope that a natural supplement can help you lose those extra pounds. But do they work? Joel Thuna and Claude Gallant review the most popular natural weight loss supplements and tell you which ones are worth the money.
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17. Do You Have a Vitamin B12 Deficiency?
Lack of energy, depression, forgetfulness, difficulty sleeping and feeling run down are all symptoms of a deficiency of B12, a key nutrient needed to make red blood cells and DNA and keep the nervous system working properly. Here's the best way to supplement.
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18. The Fine Balance of Supplementing with Calcium and Iron
Getting enough of both iron and calcium becomes a nutritional balancing act. Find out which supplements are best for you.
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19. 8 Supplements to Boost Your Immune System
We know it makes good sense to prepare our homes and cars for winter but how many of us prepare ourselves? Here's the rundown on what to take and why.
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20. Fathers and Sons
Tonic Publisher, Jamie Bussin, doesn't mind if his teenage son can beat him in a game of one on one basketball. But he draws the line at height - he still wants them to look up to him...literally.
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