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1. Spring Cleaning Isn't For Everything
Because you may be considering a spring cleanse you might be inclined to undertake a clean-up of your genitals. Carlyle Jansen has some advice that may cause you to think twice.
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2. Examining Your Attachment Style
Sometimes people joke that if there are psychological problems the cause might be the mother. Tonic Sex Expert Carlyle Jansen explores this issue to see if there is any truth that lies under the cliche.
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3. Sex-Ed
So, you and your partner have decided that you want to record your sexual encounters. Before you get the tape rolling, you might want to consider Sex Expert, Carlyle Jansen's sage advice. Read here.
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4. Being a Supportive Partner to a Survivor of Sexual Violence
If you find yourself in a relationship with someone with a history of surviving sexual violence, it can be hard to know how to be a supportive partner. Tonic Sexual Health Expert Carlyle Jansen has some practical advice on how to be there for your partner. Read here.
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5. Call It What It Is
Sex Expert Carlyle Jansen understands that discussing sex with our kids can be challenging. Nevertheless, taking the easy way out and using cute names for actual body parts is a mistake. Find out why.
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6. Is Honesty Always the Best Policy?
Is 100% honesty always the best policy in your relationship with your partner? Carlyle Jansen explores what is appropriate to discuss and gives strategies on how to discuss those difficult issues that sometimes arise.
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7. What is Your Conflict Style?
Things don't always go smoothely in our relationships with our mates. Carlyle Jansen identifies five communication styles and explains that understanding which category you and your partner fall under will help you resolve issues.
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8. Great Sexpectations
Your disappointment with your sex life might be caused by unrealistic expectations. Sex expert, Carlyle Jansen, debunks the myths and stereotypes and wants you to focus on the connection with your partner rather than unattainable goals.
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9. Just What the Doctor Ordered
Many of us, perhaps, don't need a reason to masturbate. But for those who do, Carlyle Jansen provides the rationale for those who are thinking it through.
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10. The Universal Practice of Sacred Sex
In their search for fulfiling sex lives many people seek a sacred connection. Sex Expert Carlyle Jansen explains the concept of conscious lovemaknig and explains how you can improve your intimacy.
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11. Condom Sense
"Whether you are using them for yourself or offering advice to new condom users, the Sex Expert, Carlyle Jansen, will steer you in the direction of optimal pleasure.
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12. Asexualty
One percent of the population identify as asexual. But most of us don't understand what that means. Sex expert, Carlyle Jansen, busts the myths surrounding this misunderstood orientation.
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13. Sex After Kids:
You need to pay as much attention to your relationship with your partner as you do to the relationship with your kids. Carlyle Jansen identifies the strategies to utilize to overcome the challenges facing busy parents trying to connect with their partners.
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14. Erotic Assertiveness for Modern Men
How does the modern man embrace feminist values of fairness, respect and equality and respond to their partner's desire for them to be more sexually assertive. Carlyle Jansen knows it is a delicate balance. Find out how "nice guys" can shift gears.
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15. Beyond "No Means No"
Consent to sex is a hot topic in the news. Now that the issue has been brought to the forefront, how do we address it with our children. Carlyle Jansen has some straightforward and practical advice on having a difficult conversation with your kids.
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16. Balance in Sex and Relationships
At the beginning of an intimate relationship the sex is always new. But what should we do to keep things new, but stay within our partner's comfort zone as the relationship matures? Sex Expert, Carlyle Jansen, has the answers.
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17. Sad After Sex?
Some people cry after sex. Tonic sex expert knows that it's not rare and it is completely normal. Read here to find out why it might happen.
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18. The Better Way: Kegels on the Bus
Kegels have traditionally been recommended for women to support the birthing process and recovery after childbirth. However these exercises of the pelvic floor are healthy for people of all genders and life stages.
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19. Have Bigger, Better and Fuller Orgasms
For some, orgasms are effortless but for others, it requires a little more work to get there. These tips are sure to send you on your way.
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20. Receive Pleasure With Confidence
Sex Expert Carlyle Jansen knows that the ability to receive pleasure is as important as the ability to give pleasure in a healthy relationship. She has some interesting ideas on how to improve your experiences.
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