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1. Take Baby Steps
In might be an exaggeration to say its never to early to eat a natural plant based diet. But Marni Wasserman explains how and when to get your infant eating healthy foods.
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2. How To Eat Well When You're Traveling
Just because you're on holiday doesn't mean that you have to give up your healthy diet. Marni Wasserman has eight tips to help you keep on the straight and narrow when you're traveling.
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3. The Next Big Things
If you want to know, from those in the know, what are the hottest, healthiest ingredients for fall, look no further. Marni Wasserman has the scoop on three new foods that everyone is talking about.
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4. Pleasant Plant-Based Hosting
When inviting people into your home to help celebrate the season, there can be added pressure if your guests don't follow the same lifestyle as you. Marni Wasserman has some great ideas on being a welcoming holiday host.
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5. Superfoods for Super Men
Micronutrients are all the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and phytochemicals (good-for-you plant chemicals) that practitioners believe reduce the risk of weight gain, obesity, and chronic diseases like cancer. Nutrition expert, Marni Wasserman, thinks that everyone, but especially men, should consider what micronutrients they're eating in order to stay healthy.
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6. Darn Those Seasonal Allergies
Your nose is runny and you're sneezing and coughing, but you don't have a cold! You're suffering from seasonal allergies and here's what you can do!
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7. Not So Keen On Beans?
Allergies occur when the body recognizes a protein in a food as harmful, so the body responds by attacking with antibodies. The legume family, called Fabaceae, contains common allergen proteins: vicilin and convicilin.
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8. You May Not Be Allergic to Chocolate
There are many people who complain of allergy-like symptoms after eating chocolate. Some of these symptoms include: headaches, itchy mouth, irritation and simply not feeling right. But is it really the chocolate that they are reacting to? Or is it one of the ingredients in the chocolate that is really causing a problem?
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9. Vegetarian Weekday Meal Planning with Culinary Nutritionist, Marni Wasserman,CNP
Learn how to put together simple and delicious vegetarian meals during the workweek. Marni will
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10. Grain Goodness with Marni Wasserman
Learn how to sort through the confusion of grains. From millet to quinoa, barley and
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11. Indian Inspiration with Marni Wasserman
Learn about the fragrant flavours of Indian cuisine. These traditional spices will inspire you to
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12. Gourmet and Gluten Free with Marni Wasserman
Eating a gluten free diet doesn’t mean that your food has to lack exciting
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13. Amazing Asian with Marni Wasserman
This class will focus on creating fun and delicious recipes with an Asian inspired menu
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14. CalciYUM with Marni Wasserman
This class will focus on creating delicious and fresh meals with alternative sources of calcium
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15. Cancer Fighting Foods with Marni Wasserman
Learn what foods have cancer fighting powers to heal your body from the inside out
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16. Moroccan Flavours with Marni Wasserman
Overwhelm your palate and come and experience the exotic flavours of Moroccan cuisine. You will
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17. Fit and Fabulous with Marni Wasserman
This is a class dedicated to those of you who are active and on the
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18. Super Suppers with Marni Wasserman
DAIRY-FREE WHEAT FREE It’s tough being creative during the workweek, and its time
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19. Guiltless Dessert Indulgence with Marni Wasserman
DAIRY-FREE SOY-FREE WHEAT FREE Surrender your taste buds to naturally sweetened desserts! Learn
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20. Plant based inspiration and fermentation
Marni Wasserman is a culinary nutritionist + health strategist and owner of Marni Wasserman's Food
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