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1. Nourished
Tonic Nutrition Expert, Claire Le Gresley, doesn't want you to get hung up on semantics, but rather focus on your willpower and try some mindful eating. Read here to find out the details
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2. Prioritize Your Pleasure
This month Tonic Holistic Nutritionist Claire Le Gresley talks less about food and more about "self-love". Read here to find out what it means and how it applies to you.
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3. Managing Your “Sweet Tooth”
Natural Nutrition Expert Claire LeGresley knows that some of us eat when we're stressed out, and when we do, we eat sugary foods. Read here to find out how to break the stress-sugar cycle.
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4. Emotional Eating During the Holidays
Tonic Natural Nutrition Expert Claire Le Gresley knows that avoiding emotional eating during the holidays is difficult for some. Find out how to avoid the traps. Read here.
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5. Nourished
If you've determined that certain foods are difficult for you to digest, Nutrition expert, Claire LeGresley encourages you to be a 'diet detective' and swap out the offending foods for these healthy substitutes.
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6. It’s National Nutrition Month
Do you find information on nutrition overwhelming? Tonic Natural Nutrition Expert, Claire Le Gresley is here to help. Read here for more information.
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7. Nourished
Nutrition Expert, Claire LeGresley, wants to bust a few common myths that some people believe when trying to eat healthier. This month she explores why these myths are making your life harder, as well as some much more enjoyable healthy eating behaviours.
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8. Swap Out Diets, Swap In Self-Care
Tonic Natural Nutrition Expert Claire Le Gresley knows that dieting isn't for everybody. She advocates a mindful approach to eating. Read here to find out the details.
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9. “But what will I eat without meat?”
Tonic Natural Nutritionist, Claire Le Gresley, doesn't want you to try that newest diet. But she does think you should try integrating more fruits and vegetables into your meals. Find out how here.
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10. The Three Mistakes I Made While Dieting
Tonic Nutrition Expert, Claire LeGresley knows that dieting is hard. She's made mistakes that she wants you to learn from. Read all about it here.
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11. Letting go and finding your Strength:
Spring isn't just a time to clean up, it's the time to consider making changes to your nutrition...so says Tonic Natural Nutrition Expert Claire Le Gresley. Read here for her tips.
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12. Set Your Nourishing Fall Goals
If you want to try a different approach to fighting off colds and flu, Natural Nutrition Expert, Claire LeGresley has some interesting tips for you to try. Read here.
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13. Mindful Eating
Tonic Nutrition Expert Claire LeGresley wants you to really, really think about what you're eating. What exactly does mindful eating mean? Read here and find out.
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14. Good Morning!
Tonic Nutrition Expert Claire LeGresley knows that morning is the most important time for proper nutrition. Find out how your days can be filled with feelings of calm, productivity and happiness.
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Before you tell someone they look great if they've lost weight, read Tonic Natural Nutritionist Claire LeGresley's article first. There may be more than meets the eye.
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16. Stockyards Vitapath Grand Opening
Clair Avenue West. 416-766-4533 When: March 14, 2014, 9am-9pm Store Info: vitapath.ca
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17. “TOMORROW (DEMAIN): travel the world of sustainable solutions” – Free Film Screening
Clair West Renewable Energy Walk, great food and more!  For details about the EcoFair visit
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18. 10th Annual EcoFair at the Barns
Clair W) to celebrate the programs, products and services of over 40 environmental not-for-profit
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19. Loving Thyself
Tonic Publisher Jamie Bussin has issue with "self love" as a health and wellness concept. Read here to find out why.
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20. Nutrition & Brain Function
Dr. Carol Greenwood, Baycrest senior scientist, Professor, Nutritional Sciences, U of T will explore the
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