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1. A 50+ Moment
Tonic Publisher Jamie Bussin has lots of thoughts about aging. But sometimes his mouth gets ahead of his brain. Find out what he's said this time. Read here.
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2. A Cookbook You Can Use
Not all cookbooks are user-friendly. Reviewer, Naomi Bussin, has the scoop on a new cookbook in which fresh produce is the star. Fresh, and current, you may want to pick this one off the shelves.
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3. A Fangirl Cookbook Review
Tonic Cookbook Reviewer Naomi Bussin is a huge fan of the Smitten Kitchen website. So when the latest cookbook was released, she was all over it. Read here to find out if it should be in your library too.
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4. A Full Indian Dinner
Trying to make a "Full Indian Dinner" when you've never done it before can be daunting. So Tonic Cookbook Reviewer Naomi Bussin referred to Meera Sodha latest recipes for guidance and inspiration.
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5. An Andalusian Breakfast
Tonic Publisher, Jamie Bussin, tries to be healthy on his family trip to Spain. Read here to find out how he did.
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6. At Home In the Whole Food Kitchen
Cookbook reviewer, Naomi Bussin, was blown away by the beautiful graphics and images in this vegetarian cookbook. When she got down to trying the recipes she was even more impressed.
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7. A Tonic European Vacation
Tonic Publisher, Jamie Bussin and his wife, Naomi, travel to Europe to visit their daughter and celebrate their 25th Wedding Anniversary. Read here to find out the details.
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8. A Vegetarian Cookbook Review in January?
Why is Tonic Cookbook Reviewer Naomi Bussin covering a vegetarian cookbook in January when everyone wants to heat hearty meals? Read here to find out.
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9. A Workout Barre None
Is barre class the workout you've been looking for? Find out about this exercise regimen that has its roots in dance.
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10. Baking Chez Moi
Cookbook reviewer, Naomi Bussin, looks at Dorie Greenspan's latest offering, Baking Chez Moi. The classic French pastry recipes are the types of cookies, cakes and treats made in the home, rather than the complicated desserts found in patisseries. But Naomi knows you'll love them.
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11. Baking With Less Sugar
Cookbook Reviewer, Naomi Bussin, rates Baking With Less Sugar. The desserts often replace sugar with fat. It's not a diet cookbook, but is it still worth a look?
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12. Bootcamp Blues
Naomi Bussin wonders why she signed up for strength training classes. But every week she keeps going back. Find out why.
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13. Cafe Boulud
There are a lot of great casual restaurants in Toronto, but where do you go if you're celebrating a special occasion. Tonic Publisher, Jamie Bussin thinks you should go to Cafe Boulud. Read here to find out why.
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Every fall Tonic Publisher attends the Canadian Health Food Association’s Conference and Trade Show. It’s the biggest business to business event in Canadian health and wellness. He learns about what’s going on in the industry, health and wellness trends, as well as new businesses and products. Read his takeaway points here.
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15. Cookbooks r Us
If you want to find that perfect holiday present for your favourite home cook, look no further. Tonic Cookbook reviewer, Naomi Bussin has some great suggestions for you. Read here.
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16. Cooking The Books
When it comes to dinner,Cookbook Reviewer, Naomi Bussin, agrees with author Diana Henry, ideas are hard. Find out what Naomi thought of "Simple".
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17. Cooking The Books
The recipes in Classic German Baking aren't just fun to say, they're super delicious. Tonic Cookbook Reviewer, Naomi Bussin, tells you why this tome should be in your home library.
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18. Cooking The Books
Tonic Cookbook Reviewer, Naomi Bussin, ignores the current backlash and embraces "Brunch" with her review of Sarabeth's Good Morning Cookbook.
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19. Cooking The Books
Tonic cookbook reviewer, Naomi Bussin, is a bit of a cheater. She makes subtle changes to the recipes that she tests. But that shouldn't stop you from reading her review of The First Mess Cookbook.
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20. Cooking The Books
Cookbook Reviewer Naomi Bussin loves to bake. Read her thoughts on Better Baking, a new recipe book that takes old classics and makes them new. Read here
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