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1. A Workout Barre None
Is barre class the workout you've been looking for? Find out about this exercise regimen that has its roots in dance.
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2. Bootcamp Blues
Naomi Bussin wonders why she signed up for strength training classes. But every week she keeps going back. Find out why.
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3. Vat's a VASER?
There's no quick way to get into shape. However Vaser Shape attacks cellulite effectively and non-invasively. Find out how.
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4. Yoga For Spock
This article is directed at those who don't 'get' yoga. Logical and analytical people can find something to enjoy in their practice.
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5. The Surprising Importance of Selfishness
How can you find the time to do all the things necessary to stay healthy and happy. Naomi Bussin thinks the answer is to be a little bit selfish.
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6. What's Your Theme Song?
When Naomi Bussin gets nervous she thinks about the music from a scene in one of her favourite movies. Her idea to boost confidence can work for you too.
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7. Verboten Chocolate Tart
Naomi Bussin makes a chocolate tart that is so good that it has been banned from the house. Find out why, and why the ban didn't work.
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8. Ja Bistro
Ja Bistro offers a modern, yet minimalist take on sushi. Find out why Jamie Bussin thinks that the blow-torched sushi selections should not be missed.
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9. The a.o.c. Cookbook
Naomi Bussin reviews the newest cookbook from Los Angeles restauranteur, Suzanne Goin. The recipes are complex but the results are worth the effort.
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10. The New "Vegetarian Cooking For Everyone"
Like many parents cookbook reviewer, Naomi Bussin is trying to introduce more plant-based meals into her family's repetoire. She peruses a recent update to a classic vegetarian cookbook. See why it should be included in your library.
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11. Juice: Recipes for Juicing, Cleansing & Living Well
Tonic cookbook reviewer, Naomi Bussin, has reviewed this fantastic juicing recipe book from the owners of Pressed Juicery in California. Find out how to get your family into juice.
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12. Whole Grain Mornings:
Cookbook reviewer Naomi Bussin sinks her teeth into recipes oriented to the morningtime. According to her Wholegrain Mornings is filled with wholesome delicious breakfasts.
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13. Toronto Cooks
Tired of waiting in line to eat at your favourite local restaurant? Try making your favourite dishes at home with the help of this great new cookbook. Reviewer, Naomi Bussin, tested several recipes and will give you the scoop on whether "Toronto Cooks" should be part of your library.
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14. My First True Love
Tonic Publisher, Jamie Bussin, considers his up and down relationship with food.
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15. Thug Kitchen
Cookbook expert, Naomi Bussin, wants you to look past the purposefully salty language and focus on the funky vegan recipes in this new book from these acclaimed California bloggers.
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16. The Bar Book
If you're doing any holiday hosting, cookbook reviewer, Naomi Bussin, has just the thing for you. The Bar Book is a funky procedural, designed to help you properly stock your bar and concoct homemade mixers so you can create delicious drinks.
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17. Level 758 (A Confessional)
Tonic Publisher, Jamie Bussin, has a bit of a problem. He's addicted to Candy Crush. Find out how he intends to deal with this diabolical time suck.
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18. The Fat Radish
Cookbooks featuring "seasonal ingredients" bring out the contrarian in reviewer, Naomi Bussin. But the Kitchen Diaries, from the chefs at New York's Fat Radish, is an accessible, usable cookbook. Find out why Naomi thinks you should buy it.
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19. Baking Chez Moi
Cookbook reviewer, Naomi Bussin, looks at Dorie Greenspan's latest offering, Baking Chez Moi. The classic French pastry recipes are the types of cookies, cakes and treats made in the home, rather than the complicated desserts found in patisseries. But Naomi knows you'll love them.
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20. Meat:
This month cookbook reviewer, Naomi Bussin, sinks her teeth into Meat. Find out if she recommends this comprehensive procedural guide and cookbook that focuses on meat and poultry.
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