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1. 5 Things to Know Before Going To Yoga
Are you thinking of starting a yoga practice this year? Be sure to read local yogi Jelayna da Silva's yoga etiquette primer before you hit the mat.
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2. A Backyard Makeover
Tonic Publisher, Jamie Bussin, may have bitten off more than he can chew in deciding to transform his backyard from weed infested jungle to serene oasis. Find out more about his (way too big) Summer project.
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3. Chasing the Yoga Feels
Local Yogi Jelayna Da Silva understands that some people take yoga classes because of how it makes them feel. Read here to find out if that's okay.
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4. Five Things Your Yoga Teacher Wants to Tell You...
They lead you through your postures and look supercool at the front of the room, but do you really know what they're thinking. Local Yogi, Jelayna da Silva tells you five things that your yoga instructor wants to tell you, but doesn't.
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5. It's Child's Play
What could be more rewarding than teaching yoga to new students? For local Yogi Jelayna Da Silva teaching her kid's yoga class is incredibly rewarding. Find out why.
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6. My Resolution Resolution
Tonic Publisher Jamie Bussin's resolution this year is to stop making resolutions that he has no intention of keeping. Sure the bar is low, but at least this year he'll succeed.
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7. Namaste
Local Yogi, Jelayna DaSilva knows that reading about current world events has many of us stressed out. Read here to find out why your yoga practice is more important than ever!
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8. Rogue Yogis
Individuality is great. So is expressing your true self. Read here to find out why local yogi Jelayna da Silva thinks that yoga class might not be the best place to do your own thing.
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9. Step Away From The Extreme
Your life may have peaks and valleys but yogi, Jelayna Da Silva, finds that her yoga practice helps her get centred. Find out how yoga can help you too.
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10. Taking Yoga Off The Mat
Local Yogi, Jelalyna da Silva knows that some of you think that yoga is just about the movement. Go here to read how she takes yoga beyond the mat.
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11. Work the Breath
Local Yogi knows that yoga isn't just about your posture. She thinks that breathing is just as important. Read here to find out why.
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12. Yoga Is For Everyone
Jelayna Da Silva knows that you don't have to be lithe or bendy, or coordinated or any "specific type" of person to benefit from yoga. Approaching your practice with an open heart and mind is all you need to do.
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