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1. Have Bigger, Better and Fuller Orgasms
For some, orgasms are effortless but for others, it requires a little more work to get there. These tips are sure to send you on your way.
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2. The Better Way: Kegels on the Bus
Kegels have traditionally been recommended for women to support the birthing process and recovery after childbirth. However these exercises of the pelvic floor are healthy for people of all genders and life stages.
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3. Fanning The Flames of Desire
For many of us, fitting in a sexual connection with a partner becomes another chore- another item on the to-do list. Where did that passion and that desire to drop everything else and tear each other’s clothes off go that we had at the beginning of our relationship? Carlyle Jansen tells you how to get it back.
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4. It's Not Just ONE Talk
Carlyle Jansen wants her kids to come to her first for accurate information that reflects her values rather than going to the intersex educnet and/or asking their peers behind the school. Find out how to how to raise kids who are able to make empowered healthy choices for themselves as they grow.
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5. What is Your 2013 Relationship Resolution?
We seem to expect that sexual connection with a partner should just maintain itself because it was once really good. But sexual connections are rarely static and take effort and conscious connection to maintain or grow. Carlyle Jansen explains about the eight keys to maintaining a sexual relationship.
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6. What Love Language do you Speak?
Carlyle Jansen explains about the five basic languages that are spoken. The key is to know which one is your partner’s predominant one, so that you can spend your efforts on showing them your love in ways that they will hear and appreciate.
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7. Partner Yoga for Relationship Health
What makes partner instead of "regular" yoga different is touch and communication with our partner. Carlyle Jansen explains why this might help you connect with a friend or lover.
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8. How Green is your Sex?
Like other natural activities such as eating, cleaning and transportation, the byproducts of our sexual activities can have a greater or lesser effect on the environment. Carlyle Jansen presents the most eco-friendly lubricants and toys on the market.
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9. When Fertility Gets in the Way of Pleasure
Don't let the routine of trying to conceive get in the way of your pleasure. Carlyle Jansen had four ideas to keep your sex life fun.
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10. Wet and Wonderful
If you want to bring some refreshing fun and slipperiness to your sexual adventures. Carlyle Jansen has some ideas to intensify your pleasure during those hot and steamy summer mornings, days and nights.
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11. The Seduction of Outdoor Toronto
No. We're not talking about inappropriate public displays of affection. Carlyle Jansen has some great ideas about exploring the open air as a couple.
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12. Back to School
The back to school or back to work routine can be stressful. Carlyle Jansen suggests ways to bring the spontenaity back into your relationship and find your energy bubble back to the surface.
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13. Role Playing for Grown-Ups
This month the kids will be putting on costumes to trick or treat. Sex expert Carlyle Jansen wants you to take advantage of the Halloween season to add a little flavour to your sex life.
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14. Hot Flashes & Even Hotter Sex
Sex expert Carlyle Jansen will tell you why menopause can be a time for exciting and fulfilling sex.
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15. The Dos and Don'ts of Gift Giving For Your Partner
Are you feeling the pressure to get your special someone that perfect gift? Carlyle Jansen understands and has some great options.
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16. Creating New Habits
Carlyle Jansen believes in having sexual and intimacy goals rather than resolutions. Find out why and her ideas on fulfilling your desires in the coming year.
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17. You Only Live Once
Carlyle Jansen wants you take the opportunity today to create the experiences, relationships and moments you want.
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18. We All Get a “Pause”
Most people think that hormonal changes due to aging affect only women. Carlyle Jansen knows that isn't so. She explains the hazards of testosterone deficiency.
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19. Las Vegas: A Healthy Vacation
Jamie Bussin goes on annual trip to Las Vegas to recharge his batteries. It is a health and wellness trip in ways you might not think. Find out here.
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20. Five Ways to Turn Your Bedroom Into a Pleasure Sanctuary
Carlyle Jansen has five ideas on how to turn your bedroom into a relaxing space conducive to a more fulfilling love life.
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