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The Magic of Fermentation

Gain Optimal Well Being

Fermented foods have been an important part of the human diet for many indigenous cultures around the world for centuries.  Foods such as miso soup, tempeh, yogurt, kefir and sauerkraut have all been recognized for their incredible health benefits.  Fermentation is a powerful food technology that although originally used as a method of food preservation, is also able to significantly improve the digestibility and the absorption of food.  What is most impressive about fermentation is that food is radically transformed from its original form, so much so that nutrients exponentially increase, anti-nutritive compounds are reduced and new beneficial compounds known as ferment metabolites are created.

New in the world of fermentation from Germany is a class of fermented preparations known as “Regulats.”  This patented process known as Cascade Fermentation™ involves multiple stages of fermentation using several strains of beneficial Lactobacilli bacteria.  Twenty three Certified Organic foods such as lemons, coconuts, walnuts, celery, artichokes, turmeric, saffron and numerous other vegetables, fruits, nuts and herbs are selected for their multiple health benefits.  These incredible superfoods are broken down through numerous fermentations into thousands of novel compounds such as lactic acid, antioxidants such as polyphenols, flavonoids, anthocyanins and numerous other unique biologically active compounds that are precursors to the body’s own intracellular enzyme production.  This fermented preparation is Certified Organic, dairy free, gluten free, alcohol free, preservative free and vegan.

This synergistic, enzyme rich liquid tonic helps the body reestablish fundamental homeostatic control mechanisms as it is offering beneficial compounds that regulate multiple pathways. Research has shown that Regulat® provides support for healthy innate immune regulation, provides antioxidant protection from free radical damage , increases cellular ATP production, encourages gentle detoxification and regulates bowel microflora.  Regulat has also been shown to modulate inflammation by reducing soluble vascular cell adhesion molecule-1 and soluble intercellular adhesion molecule-1, which are indicators of reduced inflammation.

In Europe, medical doctors specializing in biological medicine are using Regulat for a variety of issues in clinical practice.  Dr. Thomas Rau, M.D., chief physician at the Paracelsus Clinic in Lustmühle, Switzerland, the largest clinic for biological medicine and dentistry in central Europe has used Regulat to detoxify the body, to bring the body back into balance from an overly acidic state, to bring harmony to the biological terrain of the gut as well as in treating Lyme’s Disease, which is becoming increasingly prevalent especially in Eastern parts of North America where the Borrelia tick is found in higher concentrations. Other practitioners are using Regulat in cancer and autoimmune disease protocols as well as to increase energy and a general sense of well-being.

While this fermented liquid is generally meant for daily internal consumption, there are other unique applications.  The compounds are beneficial for skin and mucous membrane health and a diluted poultice can be applied to burnt skin, lesions, wounds, diabetic sores, acne, psoriasis and other skin conditions.  As a beauty preparation, a 1:1 dilution can be used as a daily toner.  Additionally Regulat can be used as a mouthwash.  There is a specific mouthwash preparation known as Regulat Dent that is the same formula with additional Vitamin C, Zinc, Cranberry and Ginger for optimal preventative oral care, particularly beneficial for those with gingivitis and periodontitis.  The preparation is so safe that it is the only mouthwash that can be swallowed, because it is fermented food.

To get the benefits of fermentation, it is often recommended that people eat a diversity of fermented foods at least every day, if not at every meal.  These foods are so beneficial that they are quite literally better than any multi-vitamin or supplement because they are food in its most potentiated form!  We often hear of the long lived Japanese and their daily consumption of miso soup. The chemoprotective isoflavones coming from fermented soy are a key piece to their longevity and vitality.  Fermentation biotransforms the undigestible, anti-nutritive, raw soy into a truly healing food.  Fermentation is indeed a crucial cornerstone for those interested in prevention and optimal wellbeing.

Most people live a very hectic lifestyle that does not allow the time to create exotic fermentations using a wide variety of Certified Organic foods.  The beauty of Regulat lies in its convenience.  23 Organic superfoods and their beneficial ferment metabolites are available to you every day without you having to get your crock pot out of the cupboard!  With so many incredible benefits, there is no excuse not to add these fermented preparations to one’s daily diet.  Regulat allows us to access the magical world of fermentation bringing us closer to the ancient wisdom of our ancestors who intuitively understood the healing power of fermented foods.


Jerry Zeifman is the C.E.O. of Advantage Health Matters Inc., a certified organic supplement and superfood company. jerry@advantagehealthmatters.com