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The Soup Sisters Cookbook

Great Recipes from a Canadian Charity

Warm your heart one bowl at a time with the help of the Soup Sisters.

Sharon Hapton was born to make soup. From sick days to personal traumas, Hapton carried out her message of compassion one bowl at a time through her charity work with Soup Sisters, a Calgary-based non-profit organization that started in 2009.

Approaching a milestone birthday with her two children away at university and realizing she’d always enjoyed making soup and delivering it to people, she decided to celebrate by preparing soup with her friends for a women’s shelter. She was awestruck by what she and her friends accomplished, and all while having the time of their lives. The simple act of giving back to the community inspired her to spend the next year designing the prototype for the Soup Sisters’ organization.

Hapton believes that the two most prevalent issues in today’s society - domestic abuse and youth homelessness would benefit from the care and warmth that comes in a bowl of soup. “There is a heartfelt message with each bowl of soup that says we care,” explains Hapton. Since their start-up in 2009, over 60,000 containers of soup have been delivered to shelters across Canada and there is a growing network of over 5500 Soup Sisters and Broth Brothers’  participants across the country. Hapton was then approached with an offer she couldn’t refuse - a chance to share the Soup Sisters and Broth Brothers’ heartwarming soup recipes with the world, and a few months later the Soup Sisters’ Cook Book was born. 

This heart-warming book not only showcases mouthwatering recipes from the “souper volunteers” of the Soup Sisters but also includes recipes from some of Canada’s top celebrity chefs, including Michael Stadtlander, Bonnie Stern, Lucy Waverman, Massimo Capra, Anna Olson, Michael Bonacini and Elizabeth Baird.

As you flip through the pages of appetizing photographs and creative illustrations you’ll find simple recipes using everyday ingredients, most of which you can find right in your home or at a local grocer. Unlike most specialty cookbooks, “Soup Sisters” brings you back home with straightforward, organic recipes for every season. The book also includes helpful preparation tips and spice suggestions right at the front, rather than crowding up the recipe pages with tips and tricks.

Another helpful tool you’ll find within the first few pages is Hapton’s ‘Stock Portfolio’ in which she explains how to make and store stocks for future use as the base of your soups year-round. Whether you’re feeling the chill from Old Man Winter, or just in the mood to try something new, The Soup Sisters’ Cookbook has a soup for you. 



Courtney Born is Tonic Magazine's health and wellness book reviewer.