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A Star Is Born?

I wanted to get out in front of this and tell you all so that you could illegally stream it or PVR and erase it, or if you are old school…actually tune in and watch it. But due to the time it took to edit the final product and schedule it for airing, I’m forced to give you the info after-the-fact about my television debut as co-host of an episode of The Zoomer on Vision TV.


I expect that most of you know by now that I host THE TONIC, a weekly radio talk show/podcast on Zoomer Radio (hint -see ad across the page). The folks at Zoomer thought that it might be fun to see if I had the chops to bring my “talents” to television. So in late February we recorded two health and wellness themed shows populated by my talk show regulars which, of course, consist mostly of Tonic magazine regular contributors. Like my talk show and the magazine, I was also tasked with coming up with the overall themes and segment topics. So the shows are really a manifestation of Tonic in another media platform. Exciting!


After 12 years of publishing Tonic, I’m never surprised by the end result. I can see it in my mind’s eye as we’re working on it. Same for OmT.O.. it’s old hat. Although, I’m constantly tweaking both to improve the product. My role as publisher and event producer are well defined at this point.


Producing and hosting a talk show for radio/podcast consumption is still relatively fresh for me and I’m still learning as I go along -  even after nearly 1.5 years of weekly shows. But my experience in all three gigs (magazine, live event, radio) provided insight for my small screen abilities.


How did I do? You can check out the episodes at thezoomertv.com and see for yourself. I couldn’t have been that bad, because we’ll be recording more episodes in the coming months. My mother said she liked it. But, I can’t be objective. It seems that I’m a natural at reading a teleprompter. But I’m not naturally smiley (although I do smirk when being a smart-ass). And my posture, while completely immaterial to radio, is appallingly bad for a “health and wellness influencer” The director kept motioning for me to sit up and look happy.  Old dog. New tricks.


Of course, all your favourite Tonic writers and talk show guests acquitted themselves wonderfully on tv. They smiled. They sat up straight. And they knew their sh-t. Which for regular readers of the magazine I’m sure is no surprise. They bring you the straight goods here every issue. And for more in-depth coverage of the issues I encourage you (again) to listen to the talk show which you can download and listen to as a podcast on iTunes or at thetonic.ca.


This issue includes great articles from new TV stars; Joel Thuna, who writes about the natural treatment of asthma , Carlyle Jansen, who covers more modern dating protocols , Emily Lipinski ND, who discusses longevity and “Blue Zones” (at p 18) and Rod MacDonald who ruminates on the pros and cons of introspection. As always, if you want to comment on my on-air body language, slouching and goofball comments or anything you’ve heard on the talk show or read in this issue, please feel free to contact me.