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I Do Listen...Sometimes


I think it’s really funny that despite the fact that I literally invite you to reach out to me to give me your thoughts on the magazine, those that do so are surprised when I answer the phone and chat or engage in a back and forth by email...or even answer questions in a grocery store parking lot. I want your feedback. It’s important to me that my product (the magazine, OmT.O. and THE TONIC Talk Show) consistently stays fresh, is informative, interesting, entertaining etc.


That being said, while I do attempt to incorporate your good ideas into the product, sometimes resources prevent me from executing or it takes me some time to make changes. Also, I’m mindful that too much change can put people off and many readers take a proprietary interest in the magazine. In other words many feel that Tonic is yours on some level. Which, I suppose, on some levels is true. And it’s a good thing. I’m happy and thankful that you’re engaged with what you’re reading.


Other times readers take me to task for something I’ve written in my note. In the March issue I wrote about my disagreement with the management at Branca restaurant. The restaurant  attempted to charge me a reservation cancellation fee that I disagreed with and the rhetoric escalated...because I’m really bad at diffusing tense situations. Anyways, one reader (perhaps concerned I might escalate the rhetoric with her) wrote a kind and carefully worded missive on why she thought I was, in essence, being a jerk. I assure you all, that wasn’t the first time somebody thought I was being a jerk and it won’t be the last. But from a “what do I do with this in terms of the magazine?” perspective, the answer is nothing. Except perhaps point out that any story in which the narrator is not overtly “the hero” at least should be received as being honest.


The latest, and most passionate, feedback I received was in respect to one of our longest running columns “Tarotstrology”. After almost 11 years, and for various reasons that I won’t bore you with, we didn’t run it last month. As a result I received a bunch of phone calls(!) from long time readers asking whether this was a permanent change. In fact that was the decision. But after hearing what the column meant to those readers, we reversed course and Lisa Marvin is right back where she usually is, across from the inside back cover of this issue! But please note: For those of you who hate my Publisher’s Note and perhaps see this as an opportunity to get me to stop writing by leaving me a nasty voicemail or two; no dice. I’ll be here annoying (some of) you for as long as I publish the magazine.


Once you check out your fortune and fame with Lisa Marvin, I recommend that you read Joel Thuna and Claude Gallant’s article on the prevention and natural treatment of headaches, Carlyle Jansen’s piece on the falsity of sexual normalcy and Susan Gottlieb’s article on the signs of elderly financial abuse. As always, if you want to discuss (civilly, and without escalating the rhetoric) anything you’ve read in this note or in this issue of Tonic, please feel free to contact me.