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Dancing is A Real Workout

5 Questions with Anjelica Scannura

Anjelica Scannura is the host of Anjelica’s Dance Workout on the ONE TV. On the show, Anjelica takes viewers through a series of dance routines that they can follow along. Through her training and competition she’s learned to master the dance disciplines of Flamenco, Middle Eastern, Irish, Ballet and Belly. We caught up with her to ask 5 questions about her practice and her show.


Tonic What are the health benefits of dance?

Dance is great because it covers the full spectrum in terms of preference of impact.  The fact that the movement is varied within a short span of time means you are targeting several different muscle groups at once.  There are also several psychological benefits. Dancing sheds years off of an aging brain and it is also the optimal way for everyone to get exercise and connect to their inner expression.


Do I have to be coordinated or have baseline fitness to participate?

Right from the first episode, exercises/dance steps that develop coordination from the ground up are introduced.  As episodes progress, the steps become quicker with another layer added. This is great for people who want to challenge themselves further by watching the episodes in repetition, but sticking with the baseline step is always encouraged and necessary for developing coordination, depending on where you are at.


You describe your style as fusion; which dance styles are incorporated?

The fusion aspect comes from my unique and varied career as a professional dancer. I then fuse parts of the steps together to create a completely new step, and a fresh way to challenge the mind and body.  The styles vary from Bellydance, Flamenco, Contemporary, Irish, Samba, Tango…


Is your dance style suitable for all ages?

It is suitable for all ages.  I've received such a positive outpouring of feedback from students ranging from moms with young children (kids love the show!), people just trying dance for the first time in the 40+ range, experienced dancers, men, etc.  There are also back up dancers who present modifications.


What can viewers expect from your show?

Viewers can expect a show that makes you excited to join in. It's a friendly opportunity to improve yourself and learn something new but without the boring robotic instructions and pressure.


For more information about Anjelica and her show please visit http://www.onetv.ca/shows/anjelicas-dance-workout/

Jamie Bussin is the Publisher of Tonic Magazine, Creator and Host of OmT.O. and THE TONIC Talk Show. He absolutely cannot dance.