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Meghan Telpner's Undiet

Local Nutritionista's New Health Book

Rethink the way you eat and undo your diet with Toronto’s own ‘Nutritionista’ and author of the new health book Undiet, Meghan Telpner. Growing up in the 80’s, Meghan was like most kids, eating sugary snacks and not worrying about the number of calories she consumed. That was until 2003, while traveling in Africa, when she experienced some concerning digestive issues. Three years and 19 doctors later,  she was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. But instead of succumbing to an incurable ailment she took her health into her own hands, and within one month she was symptom-free and remains symptom-free to this day. UnDieting is how she lives and what she believes and teaches daily at her Toronto-based cooking studio.

Without ever using the word ‘diet’ Meghan encourages major life changes and optimal gluten-free health with a lighthearted, encouraging voice and playful conversation. Using words like ‘Ridonkulous’ and talking about adding ‘Poundage to the booty’ Meghan reminds us that we’re all human and no body is perfect.

Throughout this book you’ll find delicious content with rich, vibrant and inspiring photos, easy to make and impress recipes, recommendations that fit your life, meal plans, bonus guides and much more.

She’ll not only help you rethink the way you eat, but how you take care of your body, house and the environment around you. Meghan will help you break bad habits, redefine convenience foods, and suggest money-saving techniques while preparing you for the next step of Undieting -  ‘Make Love in the Kitchen’. Not to worry; this doesn’t involve taking off any clothes, but instead discovering the joy of preparing your own homemade meals with fresh wholesome foods again and again.

Meghan proves throughout what a great sense she has for “Real Nutritious Food” and how to rid yourself of artificial flavours and sweeteners in your day-to-day diet. She also provides a convenient step-by-step breakdown of product labels and how to reap the benefits of eating fresh, gluten-free food every day.

The book also includes an easy to follow 8-week transformation plan and more than 35 delicious gluten-free plant-based recipes. For more information about Meghan and for a sneak peek inside UnDiet please visit meghantelpner.com.



Courtney Born is Tonic Magzine's health and wellness book reviewer.