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The Lunge Chop

An Exercise to Improve your Functional Strength

As far as whole body exercises go, there are a few that are worth incorporating into your workout, one of which is the lunge chop. This exercise uses a combination of complex movements designed to target the core muscles, as well as the majority of your upper and lower body.

From a practical perspective, this exercise will improve your functional strength in rotational movements, including sports and work around the house or cottage.

When executed correctly, this exercise will challenge the most advanced athlete, or can be modified for beginners by taking out the lunge, or limiting the spinal movement to pure rotation (keep the resistance at one level), eliminating the flexion.



You can perform this exercise at the gym with a high cable pulley, or at home using a piece of tubing secured safely to the top of a door, or with a medicine ball (as shown), or with a dumbbell.


Step 1

Start from a standing position, with the resistance over your left shoulder at approximately eye level






Step 2

Take a long lunge step forward with your left foot


Step 3

As you step, twist your torso so the resistance travels in a diagonal line across your body, following through with your arms last (similar to a golf or baseball swing but at a different angle)



Step 4

You should end up with the resistance near your right knee as you finish the movement with a slight flexion of the spine






Step 5

Return to the start position and repeat until you reach the end of your target repetition range (typically 12-15)


Alternate sides with each set, and experiment with a low cable pulley/tubing, starting the movement at the bottom and chopping up, or alternatively stepping back for a backwards chop.




Rod Macdonald is the Vice President of Canadian Fitness Professionals (canfitpro). For more information on Canada’s largest provider of fitness education, visit canfitpro.com