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Nurturing Confidence in a Society that Breeds Self-Doubt


Every day our lives are plagued with decisions; what to wear, eat, watch and read. Which career path to choose, relationships to nourish and goals to pursue.  How can we be confident we are making the right decisions without being plagued with self-doubt?

With the ever expanding reaches of the internet and social media platforms, it has become more accessible than ever to become entangled in the lives and consequent decisions of others whether they are friends, colleagues, celebrities or strangers. Suddenly we begin to second guess ourselves, wondering if we have made the right decisions that have led us to our current situations as good or bad as they seem in comparison.

Unfortunately though a disconnect has been created in our social fabric between who we are in real life (IRL) and who we want to be perceived as online. What we see and compare ourselves to is for the most part the select best of a person’s life.  Getting caught up in this cycle of jealousy and self-doubt can be damaging to our own confidence to the point where it affects our own happiness.

To counteract these opposing forces, it is important to be mindful and stay focused on your own path as you navigate through this ever changing social landscape.


Know Yourself

Though it may sound simple, to really know and love oneself is a challenging task. It is very easy to get caught up in relationships where you are constantly doing things or making decisions based on what other people want or expect of you.  Look within at who you really are, what you want from life and find the things that truly make you happy.  If you are having trouble finding what those things are, look back to your childhood when your thoughts, feelings and interests were not constrained by the need to please or impress anyone. It may seem trivial, but it could provide a greater insight to your inner self. 

Don't Give In

A stressful day at work, an argument with a loved one, a speeding ticket or lack of a proper diet and exercise are just a few things that can attribute to feelings of anxiousness and depression. Getting trapped in a downward spiral of negativity is depilating and can easily escalate until it affects your everyday life, including your self-confidence and decision making. The key is to identify these negative feelings when they begin and to not allow yourself to give into them. Even if it seems impossible, push yourself past them even just a small step at a time by doing something that makes you feel good. 

Good Karma

Whether or not you believe in karma, it is common knowledge that positive words and actions are good for the soul. We experience feelings of self-doubt because we lack confidence, appreciation or love. A little support and reassurance can go a long way when we are stuck in a cycle of negative thoughts. Surround yourself with the kind of people you enjoy to be around, that exude warmth, positivity and happiness and cherish those relationships.
Although it may be easier than ever to get caught in a cycle of self-doubt and negativity, it is possible to nurture your self-confidence by embracing who you are, cherishing the positive things in your life and by surrounding yourself with the people who support you. And finally, always take deep breaths and keep looking forward, never back.