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Stay Young, Get A Dog

5 Ways Our Best Friends Help With Anti-Aging

If you have ever owned a pet, you know the joy and happiness they can bring to your life. Yes, there are times when they make our lives a tad more stressful – the first year of training comes to mind, as does trying to get them to stop chewing everything in sight. Thankfully, those moments are fleeting, and far fewer than the rewarding moments of dog companionship. There are a lot of health benefits that come with being a canine guardian, and one of them is youthfulness. That’s right, having a dog can keep you young at heart. Here’s how they keep us youthful:

1. Up and at ‘em! They keep us moving. We all know daily exercise is good for us and there is no greater motivator to get out of bed and outside for a walk than being woken up by a sloppy kiss and tail wags. Amiright? Not only do they get us going in the morning, they can also stop us from a full-day Netflix marathon by helping us off that comfy couch and into our runners for some fresh air.   

2. Stress be-gone. Nothing cures a bad day faster than puppy kisses. Dogs have been shown to be natural de-stressors, to the point that they are now being used to help those with PTSD. Studies have also shown that pets can help lower our blood pressure.

3. Hey there, stranger. It’s much easier to strike up a conversation with others when there’s a furry face at the end of the leash. Pets are great conversation-starters and often have us chatting with our neighbours or others that we would normally just walk on by. We tend to be more social, and less lonely, when we have pets.  

4. Laughter. They say laughter is the best medicine, and there are a lot of times our dogs make us laugh. No matter how many times they chase their tails, or run away in fear of a cat, it still makes us chuckle. Life is full of fun and games when pets make our house a home.

5. Unconditional love. No matter what is going on in your life, your dog loves you, and that feels great! No one is as excited to see you walk through your front door like your fur buddy. Tail wagging, butt wiggling and sloppy kisses at the ready – and that is a great feeling.   

Kathryn Anderson is a health enthusiast, fitness instructor, avid traveller and animal-lover who loves inspiring others to lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Find her online at http://coffeeandmascara.org.