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Publisher's Note

I’m an exhausting man when it comes to my birthday. My poor wife wants to make the day special for me. But because I age “gracelessly”, I tend not to embrace the day. My behaviour manifests itself in small protests such as vetoing birthday presents, refusing to pick a restaurant to go to and even more mopiness. Exhausting.


But Naomi persevered. Eventually we culled down the reservations from three to one (Bar Isabel is still fantastic). And though I declined the framed vintage Japanese James Bond poster for the office, and the bluetooth speaker for my Friday night iPhone DJ sessions, I did eventually agree to a badly needed wardrobe sprucing, clothing, shopping spree.


Truthfully, I had a very nice birthday festival weekend. The weather was great. So I was outside with Ellie for most of the day. We had beautiful grilled veal chops and Naomi made me my favourite crepe cake for dessert.


But I dropped the ball. My May birthday also happened to coincide with another important milestone. The May 2017 issue of Tonic Magazine was our 10th Anniversary Issue. And in my heightened mopiness I neglected to acknowledge that in any way in the magazine. Better late than never?  I’m not even sure how to best celebrate the anniversary of a health and wellness lifestyle publication: Push-ups? Kale muffins? A good night’s sleep?


I suppose that the best way to mark the event is to make sure that we continue to embrace a modern, progressive and inclusive approach to the health and wellness lifestyle. Sure we’ll cover exercise, diet and natural supplements. But we’ll also cover such issues as sexual health, spiritual health and medical marijuana and the upcoming legalization of cannabis.


And I’ll have to make sure that going forward I don’t allow my ongoing battle with time to prevent me from properly recognizing the significant milestones in my professional life. To that end I’m very pleased to tell you that on June 25th, Tonic will be hosting the 5th Annual OmT.O. yoga festival at the Distillery District. You can read all about the event, what to eat there  and what to buy there. And if you happen to come by,  partake in any or all of the 9 free yoga classes throughout the day; feel free to also celebrate 10 years of Tonic magazine. Just don’t congratulate me on my 51st birthday...I still don’t really want to discuss that.

After you read all about OmT.O. in this, the first issue of the 11th year of Tonic magazine, please also read Carlyle Jansen’s great article on cannabis and sex, or Michael Murchison’s article on cannabis and exercise  or Lisa Greenbaum’s article on Mindfulness Practice for Trauma (which doesn’t mention cannabis). As always, please feel free to contact me if you’d like to discuss this note or anything else in this issue of Tonic.