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Elemental Aesthetics

Summer Skincare that is deeper than a glow

Summertime evokes visions of bared tanned skin, however, the key to maintaining beautiful skin in this season is protection.  The sun, heat and humidity can either give your skin a healthy glow or have you looking like a tomato or raisin. Therefore protection, based on the knowledge of your skin’s characteristics and the effects of the sun, can help you to avoid sunburned and prematurely aged skin, bestow a glow and an immune boost of Vitamin D3.


First you need to know how fast your skin burns without sunscreen (be aware that the burn time changes throughout the day).  Multiply the burn time by the SPF you’re going to use to figure out your safe sun exposure time.  For example, if your skin burns in 10 minutes with no protection, (or in 1/6th of an hour), then using an SPF 30 will allow you five hours of safe sun time.  Natural sun protection with the minerals titanium and zinc are physical blocks and work like umbrellas to provide physical protection from the sun’s rays.  Chemical SPFs like Avobenzone and Octinoxate extend your burn time by absorbing the UV rays and dispersing the heat.  


If summer heat increases inflammation that results in chronic redness, it is an indication that your sensitivity may be caused by internal heat.  Reduce skin redness by keeping skin cool and hydrated.  An easy solution is daily application of a hydrating serum containing ingredients like kelp and anti-inflammatory agents like Aloe and Poria mushroom.  Applying a refrigerated mask containing hydrating and cooling ingredients like Cucumber, Moringa, Radish Root, and Gotu Kola will help soothe redness and inflammation.   Pure + Simple’s Hydrating serum and Cucumber mask are great options that deliver these benefits.


If you avoid sunscreens to avoid breakouts, then you probably have dehydrated and congested skin.  Increase your skin hydration with a serum before you apply sunscreen.  For some, applying a cool and hydrating face oil like Pure + Simple’s Pure Skin Face Oil (which contains organic Jojoba, Orange and Neem oils) after the serum can help to keep skin smooth and blemish-free.  


We don’t want to think about fall when we are basking in warm sunshine, but if you experience unhappiness with post sun-holiday skin, you will probably suffer the same at the onset of autumn.  For dry dehydrated skin types, follow Mother Nature and imitate the skin characteristics of tropical inhabitants by boosting hydration levels with sea water and proteins like Pure + Simple Collagen + Elastin Serum.  Next, increase the oil content of your skincare with a summer friendly face oil like Minimalist Face Elixir, containing light hydrating Babassu oil and anti-aging oils of Rosehip and Avocado.  The last step in this natural stimulation is a rich cream to protect the skin’s moisture levels.  As a sexagenarian, my moisturizer of choice is Pure + Simple Flawless Complexion, a rich cream with added mineral colour that evens out my skin tone and minimizes my pores and lines.


To personalize your seasonal skincare, visit a holistic skincare advisor today!


Jean Eng is an Ayurvedic skincare specialist and the co-founder of Pure+Simple, a Canadian spa chain and retailer of natural beauty products.