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My Resolution Resolution

The Publisher’s Note is usually the last article I write or edit each month. More often than not, the idea of what to write about percolates up from my subconscious to my conscious mind, I add in a few snarky or self-deprecating asides and we’re off to the races. This note was going to be about how I won’t be making a New Year’s resolution this year; “because there’s nothing left for me to fix (or more precisely there’s nothing left that I’m capable of fixing because I’ve reached the end of my personal growth potential).” Which is both somewhat funny and somewhat true.


But I’m not sure that it makes for an appropriate Publisher’s Note for a health and wellness magazine. So then I started reading my past January Publisher Notes for inspiration (and quality control - to make sure I’m not retreading over old ground) and came across my note from 2014, about resolving to work on my aggression in which I wrote this:


So it didn’t take me long to decide what my New Year’s Resolution will be for 2014. I will try to change my current pattern of behaviour - to better channel my parasympathetic nervous system to block out my visceral, sympathetic nervous response to stimuli. I am open to support and suggestion. I will chant (not really). But I will meditate, I will get back to my (largely theoretical) yoga practice. I might even lie in a dark room and listen to music while I receive a gentle massage.  I will count to ten when cut off in traffic. I will wait at least an hour before responding to provocative emails. Or perhaps I won’t respond at all.


That, my dear and loyal readers, was a load of caca. Well, I’m sure I got a massage or two. The rest of it didn’t happen. So I’ve decided not only what my resolution will be this year, but what the takeaway point of this note will be. And no, I will not be re-attempting to fix my aggressive tendencies. Been there, didn’t do that.


My resolution this year is to cut out the bullshit. No more pretending and posturing when I know that I’m not going to follow through. Now that might seem like I’m setting the resolution bar pretty low. But self awareness and honesty are the cornerstones of any self growth. I’m sure I must have read that in the magazine somewhere over the past 10+ years. If not, you and I just read it here first. And, if you’re still reading my Publisher’s notes in four years you’ll see whether I succeeded with my resolution...or I’m still full of it.


Fortunately, you won’t have to wait four years to read some great articles. They’re right here in this issue of Tonic. Longtime contributor Rod MacDonald is back with a great piece on shifting from your past to look to your future. Claire LeGresley swaps out diets and swaps in self care and in a “tell all expose”, local yogi Jelayna DeSilva explains the five things your yoga instructor wants to tell you, but doesn’t. There’s even a more mindful take on resolutions (than my perspective) from Lisa Greenbaum. As always if you want to call me out on my “caca” or anything else that you’ve read in this issue of Tonic, please feel free to contact me.