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Mindful Eating

Become the Expert of Your Body

If you’ve ever felt that the sea of health information out there is overwhelming, you’re not alone. I’ve sat in front of countless clients on the cusp of giving up, because of the confusing and contradictory advice we are inundated with on a daily basis. It seems no matter how hard they try, they just can’t seem to stick to the strict rules that “everyone else has figured out”. Sound familiar?


First, some compassionate food for thought – no one has it all figured out. Your co-worker who naturally craves salad struggles just like the rest of us. Just like your body, your wellness journey is unique. Comparison will only cause more confusion, so let’s start by putting those blinders up and focus on what’s on your plate, deal?  


Chances are you’re eating in accordance with external factors like the latest diet your friends and family keep mentioning, the clock you stare at from  9-5 or maybe old beliefs that were built many years ago. In doing so, you’ve become disconnected with what your body actually wants and needs; leaving you unsatisfied after meals, constantly uncomfortable in your body, feeling out of control with your choices, and at war with the closest thing to you.


The good news is that shifting into a more peaceful place with food and your body doesn’t involve any fancy kitchen gadgets, pricey supplements or restrictive programs. It begins by checking in with your body, learning to listen to its cues and rediscovering your innate wisdom that’s been lost. But, what does that look like in real life?


  • The key to my approach is to always ‘start where you are’, and taking simple, powerful steps towards sustainable healthy eating changes. With that in mind, I recommend you start by choosing just one meal to make more mindful.  

  • Before you decide what to eat, stop and check in with what your body wants and needs. Are you giving yourself permission to have what you truly want?

  • As we find ourselves in the depth of winter, notice how this weather might affect your body. Does it need or crave something warm, substantial and/or hearty? Honour that ask.

  • Then, enjoy your meal sitting down, without distractions.  

  • Slow down, chew properly and aim to eat until you’re comfortably satisfied.  


Once you’ve finished, take note of how that food leaves you feeling - tired, energized, content, grumpy or grounded? Let the outcomes of the experience allow you to start building your list of personal feel-good foods. And remember, there are no “right or wrong” answers here, all awareness is positive.  


By pausing and tuning into your body’s cues, you’ll begin to repair that lost connection and learn how to nourish yourself for the rest of your life... all without reading another darn diet book.

Claire LeGresley is here to help you rediscover your relationship with food. No experience required, we start where you are. Visit www.clairelegresleyrhn.com to learn more.