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Beautiful Skin With a Little Help From the Sea

Marine Ingredients to Keep Your Skin Ship Shape

For many, the desire for youthful looking skin is an ongoing battle.  Ingredients that help eliminate fine lines, wrinkles and repair skin damage are usually at the top of our wish lists when it comes to finding skincare products to add to our beauty arsenal.

It should come as no surprise that manufacturers are heading to the sea in an attempt to source the best ingredients to moisturize your skin.   Marine plants have quickly become a buzzworthy ingredient after studies have shown that the plants can be beneficial to your skin.  For starters, they have more concentrated nutrition than vegetables grown on land. Algae has been making a splash in the beauty aisle and can be found in various products that range from soap, moisturizers, serums and cosmetics - thanks in part to their skin-rejuvenating properties.   

Due to new harvesting technology, which has in recent years become more highly sophisticated, marine ingredients have become more readily available through sustainable practices and because of that, companies have taken notice.   So, why all the fuss around these plants?

Algae falls into two groups: macroalgae (kelp and seaweed) and microalgae (single-cell organisms).  The benefits of marine algae are vast, as they contain properties of an emollient, antioxidant and antibacterial agent.  They are also well known for hydrating, tightening, brightening and detoxifying – a proverbial jack-of-all-trades when it comes to skincare.  Also, a peptide extracted from green algae called chlorella vulgaris can stimulate production of four types of dermal collagen and elastin.  

Some species of seaweed can help your skin retain water, ensuring that it stays plump and moisturized.   Kelp is often used, as it has the ability to absorb toxins found in your skin and is one of the highest sources of minerals, vitamins and amino acids.  

The benefits of these ingredients are undeniable.  These could be the missing components to your quest for healthy, beautiful skin.  If you want to treat your skin to a dip in the sea, some products worth checking out are:


Aqua Marina Cleanser from Lush - This creamy cleanser contains pink calamine powder, mineral-rich nori seaweed to nourish the skin, cooling aloe vera gel and a sprinkling of sea salt (another marine ingredient!) for a gentle exfoliation.



Blue Marine Algae Intense Hydrating Mask from Peter Thomas Roth – This is a nutrient-rich hydrating gel treatment mask that helps soothe and nourish skin with the help of blue marine algae and other potent humectants.  Skin is left instantly hydrated and smooth with a healthy-looking glow.


‚ÄčTsubaki Beauty Oil from boscia – This is an anti-aging botanical blend that works to provide intense hydration and protect against damage.  It includes Wakame (Japanese sea kelp) to help repair skin and leave your skin feeling smoother, softer and more supple.


Lora Maghanoy is a writer from Toronto.  She spends far too much time and money researching and buying beauty products.  loramaghanoy@tonictoronto.com