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Estrogen Dominance

Find Hormonal Balance

Are you over 35? Do you feel sluggish on a regular basis? Have you suddenly packed on the pounds and they all seem to mysteriously gather around your abdomen and hips? Has is it been weeks or even months since you made love to your partner or spouse?

You may be one of the thousands of men and women afflicted by a condition known as estrogen dominance; meaning your estrogen levels are too high relative to your progesterone levels. Most women have heard this term thrown around. Men, this is for you too! Just think prostate risk, heart disease and even low sex drive.

It’s Not That Simple

The traditional view only looks at the estrogen-progesterone relationship. However, with stress levels at record highs, an obesity epidemic and the proliferation of endocrine disruptors – chemicals that interfere with your body’s hormonal systems, estrogen dominance begins to look less like a simple algebraic equation and more like university calculus!

So how do these non-traditional factors throw your hormonal balance out of whack? Let’s take a look:

Stress – When you are under stress, your body releases cortisol, the infamous “stress hormone.” Progesterone is the building block for several hormones including cortisol (as well as testosterone and estrogen). Therefore, when you become stressed, your body may use a disproportionate amount of progesterone in order to manufacture cortisol, which may not only disrupt your estrogen-progesterone ratio but also deprives you of testosterone, the “sex-drive” hormone.

Obesity – Obesity is associated with higher estrogen levels in your body. Excess fat may cause your body to increase estrogen production and storage.

Endocrine Disruptors and Xenoestrogens – Endocrine disruptors mess up your hormonal system. Xenostrogens are endocrine disruptors that mimic estrogen. Your natural estrogen levels may be perfectly normal. Unfortunately, pesticides, BPA, phthalates, and PCBs are all environmental chemicals that behave like estrogen in the body and can trigger estrogen dominance.

Reclaiming Your Balance

Your doctor may recommend a bio-identical progesterone cream, but there are also many ways to fight estrogen dominance:

Detoxify – Get rid of xenoestrogens by using a reputable detox supplement

Eat fresh fruits & vegetables – Focus on nutrition density and munch on organic fruits and vegetables that provide minerals, good fat and plant-based protein

Increase fibre in your diet – Your body needs fibre in order to eliminate estrogen from your body. Think broccoli, spinach, nuts, oatmeal, sunflower, flax and chia seeds

Exercise – This is a no brainer! Fight obesity, lose weight and reduce stress through regular exercise. Strength training will also boost testosterone levels

Get a massage – Relaxation is key to good health. Acupuncture and massages are great ways to reduce stress and decrease cortisol levels

You now have the tools to fight estrogen dominance and reclaim your hormonal balance!