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Have a Decadent December


Capricorn: Three of Cups, Empress, Nine of Wands

You have been communicating your feelings more openly lately. This month, tap into your sensitive side, while continuing to connect with others. You are getting ready to end a personal cycle, and start one on a higher level!


Aries: Seven of Pentacles, Hierophant, Ace of Swords

You have been planting the seeds for your own success recently. This month, you will be inspired by situations and people around you to take the next step towards your fulfillment. You are about to begin a new and exciting journey!


Taurus: Knight of Swords, Eight of Wands, Nine of Swords

You have been more bold in going after what you want. This month, things move very quickly for you. You are learning how to acknowledge painful situations from your past, but not letting them affect your daily life anymore!


Gemini: Tower, Lovers, Page of Cups

This is an extremely important time in your life. You have had to rebuild many areas of your life. This month, focus on making higher connections within yourself and others. Pay attention to your intuition. If you listen, you will gain wonderful insights!


Cancer: Six of Cups, Magician, Hermit

You have been feeling more light and joyous lately. This month, you will be able to tap into all of your personal strengths and have them work in unity to move you forward. You are getting better at self-reflection and understanding your personal growth!


Leo: King of Wands, Queen of Swords, Sun

You have been feeling more creative recently. This month, make sure to remain open, even on the face of disappointment. Do not close off emotionally. Once you learn how to do this, your dreams and goals will seem much closer!


Virgo: Emperor, Two of Swords, Two of Wands

You have been feeling more in control recently. This month it is important to have blind faith that everything is as it should be. Although this is difficult, you will make a strong personal connection that will help you even further in achieving your goals!


Libra: Seven of Cups, Two of Pentacles, Three of Wands

You have been changing the way you see your emotional well being. This month, focus on making strong connections with people and situations that bring you fulfillment. Once you do, your creativity will grow, and you will be able to communicate your ideas even more clearly!


Scorpio: Hanged man, King of Cups, King of Swords

You have been feeling a little stuck lately. This month, take major action when it comes to your emotions and feelings. Once you do, you will feel even more powerful, and your confidence will soar!


Sagittarius: Wheel of Fortune, Moon, Death

You have had a new opportunity presented to you. This month, you may feel a little more emotional than usual, with a lot of ups and downs. Make sure to decide what areas of your life are working for you, and what old patterns you want to get rid of!


Aquarius: Devil, Strength, Eight of Cups

You have been able to get back to the core of who you really are. This month, make sure to feel self-empowered, while overpowering certain situations. You are getting ready to learn from your emotional past, by not repeating the same mistakes!


Pisces: Nine of Pentacles, Page of Swords, Ten of Cups

You have made enormous personal changes recently. This month, you will feel inspired to take a new path. Once you feel inspired, and go with the flow, you will experience a wonderful new feeling of love and joy in your life!


Lisa Marvin owns and operates Metaphysique, Yorkville’s Centre for Personal Growth. Lisa combines traditional astrology with her Mahovan interpretation of the Tarot cards. It is a fun and informative way to learn where we are in life, and what we can do to make the most out of it! metaphysique.ca