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We’re Not Live...for Good Reason

My friends and family are all very intrigued by my latest project, the weekly radio talk show/podcast ‘THE TONIC’, but not necessarily because they’re into health and wellness. Like those who go to NASCAR events to witness the possibility of a spectacular crash, I think my friends and family tune in to hear if my filters are off and I’ll say something inappropriately provocative.


Not an unreasonable assumption, I have to admit. I’ve been known to speak the unvarnished truth from time to time...or more precisely my unvarnished truth. But while I enjoy being thought of as snarky, I’m not interested in alienating guests, or listeners, or sponsors, or the station management, or iTunes. I’m not saying it couldn’t happen. Hypothetically, any such utterances would be...inadvertent.


Curiously, Zoomer management wasn’t terribly concerned about what might come out of my mouth when we were discussing potential formats. They even asked if I was interested in doing a live call-in show. I’m not. That would undoubtedly be a car-wreck of NASCARian proportions. My producer would have to work with a fifteen-minute tape delay...and it’s only a thirty-minute show.


Accordingly, THE TONIC is pre-recorded, but in doing so we are able to create a unique show. We present three brief interviews each episode, which allows us to focus on a few key specific points - not unlike how the articles in the magazine are short and to the point. Also, the show is produced in podcast format with sponsorships instead of prolonged commercial breaks. So episodes don’t need to be reformatted for downloading online. If you subscribe to THE TONIC as a podcast, you’ll be listening to the exact same show as when aired on the radio.


And while I’m not cynical on THE TONIC, I’m no cheerleader either. I see my role as a conduit for the listener, asking the questions they would ask of my guests. Like the magazine, I’m aiming for a modern critical approach to health and wellness. We’ll feature many of your favourite writers as guests on the show, either expanding on points raised in their current articles, past articles or on new topics. But we’ll also engage others on new topics outside of the ambit of traditional health and wellness issues. I’m finding that working on the new project has invigorated me and how I approach the magazine and our live events.


For example, Tracey Soghrati, who wrote about yoga and sex this month will be on THE TONIC to guessed it yoga and sex on Dec.23. In this issue, Carlyle Jansen writes about painful sex but she and I will be chatting about the impact of recent allegations of sexual misconduct in the entertainment industry to men and women in general on Dec. 16. This month Joel Thuna writes about body detox, but he’ll be on the show on Dec. 9 to discuss lifestyle changes to prevent adult onset diabetes which he covered in his article in the November issue in the context of his own personal journey. I do hope that you listen at 1:00 pm Saturdays on  AM740, FM 96.7 and/or subscribe to the podcast on iTunes or at As always, please feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions about this note, anything in this issue or anything you hear on THE TONIC.