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Get your Sexy Back

With Yoga

There is nothing like the oh so sweet satisfaction of an uninhibited orgasm (you know it’s true), yet the path to rapture is meandering at best. While dedicated yogis have made all kinds of wild claims on behalf of yoga’s benefits, a 2009 study published in the journal of sexual medicine indicated that a daily yoga practice can improve desire, arousal, orgasm and sexual satisfaction for women.  

I won’t lie, I was dancing around yelling “WOO HOO” after reading this.  All kidding aside, let’s look at how a yoga practice will get your sexy back – men included!

1. Love the Skin You’re in Right Now Sexual arousal is a complex process that is intimately linked to emotional state.  If we get caught up in shaming ourselves in the midst of foreplay, arousal gets slammed too. Being in the Now is laughable when we’ve jumped down the rabbit hole of our own self-sabotage (which will also short circuit intimacy).  Fortunately, no matter what kind of yoga you practice, the universal teaching is to come into the present moment, and relax your nervous system around the experience by orienting yourself to your breath and body (this slows the tendency to cliff jump into our own anxious fantasies).  Practicing regularly trains students to get comfortable in their own skins, in all circumstances – after all, this is the only body we get to live in. You won’t get results in one class though.  You have to be willing to meet yourself in your own vulnerability regularly before you can share yourself wholly with another.


2. Feisty & Physical There is also a very physical component to sexual arousal and when the mind is on board, the body can follow, especially if it is strong, flexible and well-perfused (or hot-blooded). A regular yoga practice arcs through the whole body resulting in strong, supple muscles and an even better blood supply.  The more blood you get to the tissues, the more responsive they are.  More specifically, yogis practice contracting and relaxing the pelvic floor for the duration of each yoga class.  This will improve awareness, sensation and circulation for both men and women alike.


3. Relaxation Fuels Desire Our desire to connect can be severely limited in the face of constant stress (or distress). We are impotent (pun intended) to respond to another if we are feeling exhausted, under constant pressure and overwhelmed. Regardless of style, every yoga class focuses on breathing in a slow, deep manner, which facilitates the parasympathetic nervous system.  This is the part of the body responsible for relaxing, digesting and feeling good – and feeling good, fuels desire.


In summary, cultivating a regular yoga practice (2-3 times per week) can facilitate confidence and curiosity, a relaxed nervous system and the desire to connect physically – you really can’t go wrong.


Tracey Soghrati, practices yoga therapy, the art and science of mind-body integration. www.soghratiyoga.com