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Get Festive With Our Furry Friends

You and Your Pet, Have the Best Holidays Yet!

The holidays should be a fun and joyous time spent with family, friends and Fido, yet somehow it always turns into a chaotic time of year when everyone is tired and stressed out. Let’s relieve some of that stress. Since taking care of yourself is just as, if not more, important than taking care of others, here are some ways to accomplish that.

Since everyone needs regular exercise, go for your evening dog walks along the best lit-up streets you can find. No more walking your dog to the street corner and rushing back home. Recharge during your walks by taking time to enjoy the lights and soak up the energy of this festive time of year.

Before family arrives for the holidays is the perfect time to take Lassie to the groomers so her tail-wagging and puppy kisses are welcomed. Imagine, ‘Ooh, she smells so good!’ instead of ‘Ewe, her breath stinks, get her off me.’ Conveniently, a lot of dog salons are located near a spa. Coincidence? Not likely. Gift your family members a clean, great-smelling dog while you take care of yourself with a mani-pedi.  Now that’s multi-tasking at its finest.

While everyone loves opening presents, what really matters is quality time spent with loved ones. Instead of stuffing the tree full of gifts that will be enjoyed for a moment or two, give ‘presence’ instead. Go out and create memories. Combine the two by giving everyone scarves, then go ice skating together as a family. You’ll spend less time shopping and wrapping, and more time smiling and laughing.  

Share the love – and by love, we mean workload. Many of us tend to take everything on ourselves without ever thinking to ask for help. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Divvy up the necessary tasks that need to be accomplished. Baking cookies? Why not double the recipe to share with a friend who can pick the kids up from school, saving you the trip? The adage ‘it takes a village’ still rings true today.

Lastly, if you don’t have a dog, but are thinking about getting one, or gifting one, for Christmas – please don’t. Puppies are a lot of work, a lot! They are absolutely worth the effort, but you must put in the time up-front to train them, and one thing you do not have around the holidays, is extra time. Don’t add unnecessary stress to your life around an already hectic time of the year. Deciding to add a puppy to your family is exciting, just make sure you do it when you know you’ll have the time, effort and energy to dedicate properly assimilating him or her into your life.

Kathryn Anderson is a health enthusiast, fitness instructor, avid traveller and animal lover who loves inspiring others to lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Find her online at http://coffeeandmascara.org.