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Travel-Proofing Your Skin

Travel-Proofing Your Skin

The height of winter season is fast approaching and for some of you that means traveling for the holidays. Whether it’s a family visit, an invigorating ski trip, or a Caribbean escape, getting away is a great time to recharge, rejuvenate, and reflect. While vacationing can be part of self-care, traveling itself can take a toll on your skin. Dehydrating plane flights, fluctuating climates, and jet lag can lead to breakouts, redness, and dried out complexions. However, the right natural skincare fixes can help you enjoy comfortable, beautiful skin anywhere in the world. Stash these essentials in your carry-on when packing for the next holiday.


1. Wax Bead Exfoliants The first thing you want to do after the flight is exfoliate. This combats the dehydration of air travel and gives your skin a good reset. You will also want to continue this throughout your vacation. Sightseeing or day wandering can expose your skin to pollution, smog, excess sweat and sebum, which can clog your pores and dull your complexion. A good exfoliating treatment detoxifies your pores and strips away the dirt and impurities. If traveling to an unknown place, it’s best to exfoliate with a mild scrub and avoid intensive treatments that could cause irritation. Opt for manual exfoliants such as gentle jojoba wax beads, which slough away dead skin cells without being overly abrasive.


2. Sheet Masks Flying can be incredibly drying for your skin. Not only does it dehydrate, but it can also inflame  your complexion, prompting pesky breakouts and eczema flare-ups. An easy way to avoid this is to bring a hydrating sheet mask onboard that can replenish your skin. Sheet masks soaked in restorative ingredients such as aloe vera, collagen, and hyaluronic acid are especially convenient as they are thin and you can slip them into your carry-on.


3. Purifying Plant Waters Purifying plant water - commonly known as hydrosols, should be in any travel wash bag as they’re natural skin fixers. Steam-distilled water derived from anti-bacterial flowers are always useful while away. They treat breakouts, bites, cuts, scrapes, and can also be used as all-natural hand sanitizers. Unlike alcohol-based products, they won’t dry or strip your skin, but still offer purifying properties for beauty emergencies. Witch Hazel, Lavender, Rose or Peppermint hydrosols are excellent options. Instead of carrying entire bottles, you can pre-soak cotton pads and pack them in a ziplock bag. This will keep them fresh and moist, making it easy to tone up your skin any time!


4. Two Step Moisturizer  If you are traveling to multiple places, your skin may also be dealing with a few different climates. A flexible regime consisting of a water-based serum and emollient face oil ensures you have the right texture for any environment. Serums maintain the water content in your skin while the facial oil will lock in nourishment and offer protection. You can use one or the other or both depending on what your complexion needs, tailoring your choices daily to contend with any type of weather.     

Kristen Ma  is an Ayurvedic skincare specialist and the co-founder of Pure+Simple, a Canadian spa chain and retailer of natural beauty products. 



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