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Help, I'm Gassy!

What can you do if you feel bloated or gassy? Health Expert, Michelle Pebega has the natural solutions for you.

October 2015
Battle Back To School Sluggishness

Battle Back To School Sluggishness

Finding it hard to get back into the swing of things at school or at work? Natural health expert, Michelle Pobega, discusses three supplements that will boost your energy.

September 2015

Sun Damage & Bad Air

Health Expert Michelle Pobega knows that the Summer environment in Toronto can be oppressive. She has some terrific ideas on how to protect yourself from smog and sun damage.

Summer 2015

Stem The Tides of Time

Health Expert, Michelle Pobega knows that anti-oxidants can help you neutralize free-radicals. She has five natural sources for you to try.

June 2015

Feeling Sluggish?

Health Expert, Michelle Pobega, has seven plant based herbs and supplements that can help your vim and vigour.

May 2015

Lose Weight Safely

It can be a struggle trying to lose weight through diet and exercise alone. Health expert, Michelle Pobega, has three supplement suggestions that may help you shed those pounds.

April 2015

Which Supplements Are Most Easily Absorbed?

Health Expert, Michelle Pobega, answers which natural supplements are most readily absorbed by the body. Her answers may surprise you.

March 2015

Plumping It Up!

Health expert, Michelle Pobega, has three excellent natural supplements to give you a little extra help to keep your skin glowing.

February 2015

How To Recover From Too Much Celebrating

Health Expert Michelle Pobega knows that some of you are going to overdo it during the holidays. No worries. She has four tips to get you back into best form.

January 2015

Avoid Holiday Stress

Are you feeling run down this December. Health expert, Michelle Pobega has three natural supplements to help you keep your energy levels up.

December 2014