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Fight Colds & Flus With Wet Socks

It seems counter-intuitive and frankly a little bit out there, but Tonic Expert, Michelle Pobega, wants you defend yourself against colds and flus by going to bed with wet socks. ...really.

November 2014
Whole Food Vitamins and Fermented Foods

Whole Food Vitamins and Fermented Foods

What are whole food supplements and why are they good for you? Health Expert Michelle Pobega has all the answers and some information on the fermented foods trend.

October 2014
Natural Weapons of Defence

Natural Weapons of Defence

If getting back into the September swing has you feeling stressed Michelle Pobega has three natural 'weapons of defence' to arm yourself to build immunity and keep you healthy.

September 2014

Build & Repair Muscle Naturally

Are you looking to improve your muscle stamina or recovery time? Natural health expert, Michelle Pobega has the answers for you.

Summer 2014

The Natural First Aid Kit

Michelle Pobega knows you'll be heading out into the wilderness this Summer. She wants you to be properly prepared. So make sure your first aid kit contains these three essential natural healing products.

June 2014

Natural Alternatives to Antihistamines

New Tonic expert, and ND, Michelle Pobega, offers some sage advice on fighting the symptoms of seasonal allergies naturally.

May 2014

Cancelling Out Candida

Suzanna Ivanovics explains the signs, and dangers, of a yeast infection or overpopulation. She'll tell you the natural way to treat this common digestive ailment.

April 2014

Treating Hypertension Naturally

Suzanna Ivanovics will tell you alll the natural remedies to help you deal with high blood pressure.

February 2014

Child-Safe Natural Remedies

Want to know which herbal and natural remedies might help your little ones? Susanna Ivanovics has all the answers.

November 2013

Keep Calm and Get Some Sleep

Susan Ivanovics doesn't want you to lose any sleep this fall. She has five natural remedies that will help you battle insomnia.

October 2013