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Five Ways to Lose Weight That Are Also Good For You

Dieting Isn't The Only Answer

Weight loss should be healthy but in this day and age, people are always trying to take shortcuts; in some cases dangerous shortcuts. In an effort to lose weight people take harmful supplements and in some case even drugs that can put a strain on their heart and nervous system. People have also been known to go on quick fix diets that cause them short term weight loss but as soon as they resort to their typical lifestyle the weight (and sometimes an increase in pounds) comes back. Today I'm going to touch on a different subject. I'm going to recommend five ways to lose weight that will actually improve your health:

1. Drink more water: Water flushes out toxins, purifies your system and hydrates you. It can also help you lose weight by keeping you feeling fuller and speeding up your metabolism. Simply leave a litre of water on your desk at work and watch how easily it fits into your day.

2. Switch carbs for legumes: Legumes give you the added benefits that come with fibre, frequently vitamin C and other nutrients,  but they're also lower in calories and require more calories for your body to digest than starchy carbs. Simply switch your rice/bread for broccoli/peas or black beans at dinner and get healthier and thinner.

3. Increase the intensity of your cardio constantly: more is not always better. By increasing the intensity of your cardiovascular training rather than the duration you'll burn more fat over time, especially with consistent increases. Try to increase the level or the incline at which you do your cardiovascular training once every 2 weeks to increase calorie burning. This is also a healthier way to exercise as increasing duration often leads to overtraining/poor recovery and injuries.

4. Add resistance training. Adding weight training will not only make your muscles stronger, it will increase your joint integrity and speed up your metabolism for long term weight loss and health.

5. Use heart healthy supplements: Some supplements can actually help you lose weight and improve your health. Stay away from weight loss supplements that operate on your nervous system. So anything that contains ephedrine, synephrine, or overwhelming doses of caffeine like 250mg +. Instead try supplements that are natural and research-proven. Good examples are SVETOL® green coffee bean extract and Super CitriMax® garcinia cambogia standardized for 60% HCA naturally bound to calcium and potassium. Both these nutrients have been shown in clinical studies to result in over 10lbs of weight loss in 60 days. Maybe even better than that they've also shown positive health benefits. Always make sure to use brand name supplements where the quality is assured, and that use natural sources of these nutrients with the research tested dose and materials. Slimcentials® and Nutracentials® are 2 brands that always use the proven type and amount of nutrients so you know they're good for your health and your thighs.

Howard Youhanan has worked as a personal trainer & nutrition coach and participated in competitive natural bodybuilding. Now a successful business operator in the industry, he maintains a balanced and sensible approach to nutrition and health.